When it comes to deciding whether to line your pipes or install new pipes for your plumbing system, you may be wondering whether pipe coating or lining reduces the internal diameter of your plumbing pipes. Here at NuFlow in Chicago, we are dedicated to answering all of your questions honestly and accurately, which is why we want to explain to you the process of pipe lining and whether or not it affects the internal diameter of your pipes.

Will an epoxy pipe coating reduce the internal diameter of my potable water plumbing pipes?

An epoxy pipe coating is a specially formulated epoxy that is designed to evenly coat small diameter plumbing pipes, like those that carry potable water from the city municipal system into your home or commercial or residential building. Since the coating is being applied to the internal walls of your plumbing pipes, the diameter will be slightly reduced, but usually only by the width of the coating, which is only a few millimeters.

Will an epoxy pipe liner reduce the internal diameter of my drain lines?

An epoxy pipe liner, which is typically used in drain lines, will marginally reduce the internal diameter of your plumbing pipe by the width of the walls of the liner. However, this is negligible when it comes to the function and flow rates of your pipes. This is because installing a pipe liner increases flow rates, which improves the function of your plumbing pipes cialis prodaja.

How does pipe lining increase the usable diameter of my plumbing pipes?

As plumbing pipes age, they develop corrosion, which builds-up along the inside walls of the pipes, decreasing the diameter. The process of pipe lining involves thoroughly cleaning your pipes to remove corrosion, debris and blockages, which ensures proper adhesion of the pipe liner or epoxy coating. The benefit is that your pipe’s original diameter is almost completely restored prior to the liner or coating being installed.

What can I expect after my plumbing pipes have been cleaned and lined with either an epoxy pipe coating or a pipe liner?

Once your pipes have been cleaned and lined, you can expect no further leaks or corrosion in the lined pipes. You can also expect better flow rates, which will improve the function of the pipes that were lined.

Can I line every pipe in my building?

If needed, you can line every pipe in your building. However, to make sure all of your pipes are good candidates to be lined, our pipe lining experts will want to perform a whole-building pipe assessment which involves a camera inspection of the pipes that are to be lined. This lets our technicians and you know the problems with the pipes and whether or not they would benefit from being lined or coated. Each building pipe assessment comes with an estimate for pipe lining.

Traditional pipe replacement or epoxy pipe coating or lining?

Here at NuFlow, we want to give you the best solution for your leaking, aging and corroded pipes. This means that we will inspect all of your problem pipes and recommend the best solution, even if that solution isn’t a pipe liner or coating. In fact, we work with Althoff Industries professional plumbers in order to develop custom pipe lining and replacement solutions.

How do I schedule an estimate or a building pipe assessment?

To talk to our professional pipe lining technicians to schedule an inspection of your plumbing pipes and/or a plumbing pipe assessment, give us a call at 815-790-9000. We would be happy to talk to you about the condition of your plumbing pipes and all of the available solutions.