When we perform a large pipelining project, we often get asked about the length of time from the start date to the end date. Large pipelining project for multiple multi-story buildings can take as long as three years. However, this does not mean that we will be inside your building for three years. Instead, it refers to how we schedule projects in order to minimize disruption for residents.

One Riser/Vertical Stack at a Time

In order to minimize water service downtime for residents, we only line one riser or vertical stack at a time. While the work is being performed, the water service to that riser will be turned off. However, only the units connected to that riser will be affected. This means that the rest of the building will have full water service. Once we finish that riser, our pipelining technicians will move on to the next riser in the building. This means that we rarely, if ever, have to turn off the water to the entire building.

Water Service Interruption Timeframe

Water service is typically off for the duration of the rise shutdown. However, we understand that individual units cannot go without water service for four to five weeks. For this reason, we always supply water to at least the bathroom so that the sink, toilet and shower can function as normal. When we supply the water to the bathroom fixtures, we always mix it so that it is warm versus being solely hot or cold.

Riser/Vertical Stack Timeframe

Each riser can take up to five weeks to line. This is because we must drain and dry the pipe, clean it to remove all the corrosion and debris, line the pipe with epoxy and let the epoxy cure for about 24 hours. During the pipelining process, we also visually inspect the riser at each stage with a plumbing camera to ensure the process is moving forward as expected.

Long-Term Pipelining Scheduling

Since each riser in a building can take up to five weeks, the total timeframe to complete a building is the number of risers multiplied by five weeks. For example, if your building has 10 risers, it could take as long as 50 weeks or 11.5 months to line every riser and connecting pipe in the building, and that is if we line each riser back-to-back. If your property has multiple buildings, it could take up to three years to line every plumbing pipe in every building.

Management and Resident Scheduling Notifications

Here at Nu Flow, we are very transparent in our operations. Before the pipelining job begins, we create a schedule that includes which risers are going to be lined and which tenant units are going to be affected. This schedule is readily available via an online portal, and as we get into the project and start completing tasks, we update that timeframe and keep the management staff informed of any potential changes to completion dates and the project status. To see a current project that we are working on, check out our projects page for 70 East Cedar Street.

Answering Your Project Questions

Since our pipelining technicians are on site, they are available to answer any and all questions from residents and the building management team. Questions can include anything from the current project status to individual riser shutdown timeframes and affected units. We’ll also address any concerns related to the placement of hoses and equipment in order to make the process more convenient.

To learn more about the pipelining process and to schedule your Chicago building plumbing pipe assessmentcall us at 815-790-9000.