In our last few blogs we’ve been discussing our Nu Flow Plumbing Pipe Assessment Services that provides building owners and HOA’s with a thorough inspection of their building’s plumbing and pipe systems. Here, we want to address how the idea for these pipe assessments came about, the value they can have to an HOA, and why there is a cost for these assessments.

The Idea

Like many good ideas, the idea for our Pipe Assessments came from listening to prospective clients. Home Owner’s Association boards were requesting such a service because they simply didn’t know where to start. They could see their plumbing repair expenses rising and knew their building’s plumbing was decades old, but just what kind of condition was it in? Could it be nursed along for five or ten more years? Should they make a move now? Wouldn’t it be beneficial if they had a plan that made sense?

We met with the board of one exclusive, high-end building in the city and the board loved the concept of our pipe relining system. They just didn’t know where to begin. They asked us for a price to “investigate” their building’s piping. Thus began the idea for our Nu Flow Pipe Assessment.

The Value

Right away this property could see the value of a detailed report regarding the condition of the building’s drains and potable water plumbing. It would tell them what areas were critical to reReport_Sample_Pipe_assessment.jpgpair sooner than later and where failures could cause them severe collateral damage to property. They would have a better idea about potential leaks and where plumbing was becoming so clogged as to be nearly useless. It could show them where salt and chemicals have caused weak areas in garage drains, and where previous repairs may be sites of pending failures It could help them decide where our less invasive pipe relining system may be a better choice than pipe replacement. Quite honestly, it would demonstrate where pipe replacement may be a better option. It could serve as a road map to repair and replacement and would provide them solid evidence as to how serious their situation was.

Why We Charge for a Pipe Assessment

In a day when it seems everybody is offering “free estimates”, why do we charge for our pipe assessment services? It is because our pipe assessment does not assume you will need major repairs. It is to determine the condition of your pipes and plumbing. We do this through physical evaluation and through the use of micro-cameras inserted into your pipe runs. We evaluate your buildings plumbing repair and maintenance history and weight the type of plumbing you have with its age. When all is said and done, our plumbing pipe assessment services are not designed to “sell” you anything. They are to give you a professional, thorough analysis of the condition of your building’s plumbing and drains. They are designed to help you formulate an immediate or long-term plan for repair or replacement, whether you use our services or not.

Of course, we are more than happy to offer pipe relining options, where practical. Where needed, we work with Chicago’s respected Althoff Industries for pipe replacement projects. Either way, you get a detailed report that you can use to determine your next step.

Let’s be honest. Many company’s offer free estimates as a way to sell you their product or services. That’s not the goal of our Building Pipe Assessment. Our Pipe Assessment is an analysis of the current condition of your building’s plumbing. We believe having this process done professionally holds great value.