As the temperatures start to cool, it’s time to start thinking about fall maintenance in preparation for the winter. At Nu Flow Midwest we recommend making drain and sewer pipe cleaning via hydro jet part of your fall maintenance routine so that your plumbing pipes are ready for the harsh conditions of winter and increased wear and tear from salt, sand and tree leaves that may find their way into your drainage system, especially if you have parking lot drains.

Hydro Jet for Plumbing Pipe Cleaning

Hydro jetting involves cleaning your Chicago building’s drain and sewer lines with pressurized water, which may be different than what you first think of when it comes to cleaning your Chicago plumbing pipes. This is because when most people think about cleaning their drains and sewer lines, they think about pouring caustic chemicals into the lines or running an industrial plumbing snake through the lines in order to clear debris.

While snaking and pouring chemical drain cleaners down drain lines does clear debris, it’s not as safe or effective as hydro jetting. There’s no SMART version of a drain cleaning chemical. Once it’s poured down your drain lines, it starts dissolving everything in its path, and that includes your drain pipes and sewer lines. Another thing to keep in mind is that not every clog is completely dissolved by chemicals, and when clogs fail to dissolve, the drain cleaner sits in that area, eating the pipe wall. Eventually, the drain cleaner will create a hole in the pipe and start leaking into the surrounding soil, which can damage the environment and result in your having to make an emergency pipe repair.

Snaking has the potential to damage drain pipes and sewer lines. This is because a snake consists of a flexible pole with a hook or claw on the end. The snake is forced down the pipe and rotated either by hand or by a motor. As the claw rotates, it breaks apart clogs, but if there is a bend in the pipe or a weak area, the snake can punch through the pipe wall, resulting in a hole. Snakes also do not completely clear out clogs, and they do not remove filth and debris from along the pipe walls. For these reasons, we recommend having your drains and sewer lines cleaned with hydro jetting rather than any other method.

1. Hydro jetting is environmentally friendly, safe and effective.

Since hydro jetting only involves the use of pressurized water, it is environmentally friendly, safe and effective for all types of plumbing pipes. It will not damage pipes, and if there is a hole in the pipe that allows water to escape, that water is not loaded with caustic chemicals that could harm plant life and wildlife or get into the local water supply. Not to mention, when you choose to clean your parking lot drains with pressurized water during the fall, you are helping to remove leaves and dirt, which can clog the system.

2. Hydro jetting cleans total and partial clogs.

Hydro jetting is extremely effective at removing complete and partial clogs. As the pressurized water flows down the drain or sewer line, it washes away all the debris, including paper products, food particles, leaves, salt and other items that may have fallen into the drains or been accidentally flushed over the summer. Not to mention, the debris inside the pipe also isn’t pulled through the pipe and removed at the access point. Instead, it’s washed into the municipal system so that it can be treated at the wastewater treatment plant.

3. Hydro jetting doesn’t cause pipe corrosion.

Since there are no chemicals or detergents used during the hydro jetting process, it does not cause corrosion of your plumbing pipes. In fact, cleaning your drain and sewer lines with pressurized water in the fall and again in the spring may even reduce the risk of pipe corrosion. This is because certain items that are regularly poured and flushed down drains do cause corrosion, including certain detergents and carbonated beverages, like beer and soda. When these corrosion liquids are mixed with road salt, it can result in the need for urgent repairs. Regular hydro jetting can clear away road salt, detergent, soda and beer residue so that it doesn’t sit in your pipes and wear away the pipe wall.

4. Hydro jetting removes debris along the pipe walls.

The hydro jetting systems used for cleaning plumbing pipes contain numerous streams of water. One stream of water shoots straight ahead to clear debris in the center of the pipe. Other streams send water along the pipe walls, which helps clear grease, oil, paper products and food particles that may have gotten stuck. This helps reduce future clogs and maximizes the pipe’s internal diameter for better water flow through the plumbing pipe.

5. Hydro jetting is the least disruptive form of pipe cleaning.

Hydro jetting is the least disruptive form of pipe cleaning available for businesses, large residential buildings and highrises and residential homes. This is because hydro jetting drain and sewer pipes doesn’t take all day, which means that we can restore water service faster than with other types of pipe cleaning methods.

6. Hydro jetting can help catch any needed repairs before they result in plumbing pipe emergencies.

When your sewer and drain lines are caked in debris, it can be hard to locate potential problems with the pipes, like cracks and small holes. Once your plumbing pipes are clean, a camera inspection can reveal any problems so that they can be repaired in a timely manner before they result in sewer backups.

Hydro jetting and Pipe Lining with Nu Flow

Hydro jetting and pipelining with our epoxy pipe lining technicians is a winning combination for all types of buildings, including commercial businesses, office buildings and even arenas and public venues. In fact, our pipe lining service comes with hydro jetting because in order to properly install the epoxy soaked pipe liner, all the debris from inside the pipe must first be removed. Once the pipes are cleaned all the way down to the pipe wall, the liner is soaked in epoxy, inserted into the pipe and inflated. The liner is then left to cure in place.

After the curing process has completed, the air-filled bladder is removed and a camera inspection is performed to ensure the liner is in place. Once the pipe has been thoroughly inspected, water service is restored, and you can enjoy the many benefits of having lined pipes, including not having to worry about future corrosion and pipe leaks and extending the useful lives of your existing plumbing pipes.

To learn more about our hydro-jet pipe cleaning and how pipelining restores your drain pipes, call us today at 815-790-9000.