Are you concerned about the condition of your plumbing pipes, including your vent stacks, waste stacks, and sewer line? If you are, a camera inspection can quickly and affordably tell you if your pipes need repairs or replacement, and when Nu Flow performs your camera inspection, you’ll get an estimate for pipelining.

Reasons You May Need a Camera Inspection

The primary reason camera inspections are so important is that you cannot see your plumbing pipes. They are often located behind walls and underground. Because of this, plumbing pipe problems aren’t often noticed until they are severe. A camera inspection allows the insides of your vent stacks, waste stacks, and sewer line to be seen to determine if there are any cracks, holes, corrosion, or clogs.

  • The drains in your building are slow.
  • You’ve noticed more frequent clogs.
  • Sewer odors have been noticed in the building.
  • There are unexplained stinky puddles on your property.

Benefits of Camera Inspections

A camera inspection is a non-invasive and affordable way to see the insides of your sewer pipes and vent and waste stacks in order to determine if they need to be repaired. It is considered preventive and predictive maintenance because it can be used to tell you the ages of your pipes and how much longer you can expect them to work properly.

Consider this example: You’ve noticed that your drain lines are slow, and you’re having trouble locating the source of a sewer gas smell. You’ve had your drain lines already cleaned once this year, and the problem persists. A camera inspection of your drain lines and the vent stacks can help determine if corrosion of the drain line and an unbalanced system (faulty vent stack) are to blame.

After all, corrosion in a drain pipe can lead to more frequent clogs, and problems with the vent stack can lead to an unbalanced system. The vent stack is responsible for allowing air in and out of the system so that the drains flow properly. When the air in the vent stack gets stuck, the waste doesn’t flow properly down the drain, and it can lead to sewer gas entering your building.

  • They’re fast.
  • They’re non-invasive.
  • They’re affordable.
  • They can help prevent major problems by alerting you to needed repairs.
  • They can help determine the cause of your slow drain or frequent sewer and drain line clogs.

Whole Building Pipe Assessment with Nu Flow

Our pipelining technicians offer whole building pipe assessments that include a camera inspection. These assessments are designed to determine the status of your plumbing pipes and whether or not your Chicago building would benefit from epoxy pipelining.

What’s Included in Our Plumbing Pipe Investigation Service

Whole building pipe assessments, which is a form of plumbing investigation service, allows us to completely determine the status of your plumbing pipes. It basically allows us to look behind your walls without removing drywall or causing damage to your building or property. This is because we use existing cleanout access points, or we open a drain line at the drain entrance.

  • A complete inspection of all your drain pipes, vent stacks, and sewer pipe. We can also inspect roof drains and garage drains.
  • Recorded video footage of the inspection, if you request it. This is helpful if you need to talk to your HOA board about the condition of your plumbing pipes and create a budget for pipelining and/or replacement.
  • A complete report that details all of the problems that the camera inspection found with your plumbing pipes.
  • Whether or not pipelining would benefit your drain lines, vent stacks, waste stacks, and sewer line.
  • A detailed estimate of the costs of epoxy pipe lining for your Chicago building.

What We Need in Order to do Your Building Pipe Assessment

The good news is that you can schedule a plumbing pipe assessment directly online. Information we typically need to know includes the location of your building, the contact person, and the number of pipes you’d like to have inspected with our 360-degree plumbing inspection camera. It’s extremely fast, and once we have the information, one of our pipelining technicians will be in touch to confirm the date, answer any questions you may have, and tell you a little more about the pipe assessment process.

If your pipe assessment states that your building would be a good candidate for pipelining, we can tell you more about the pipelining process and schedule the service. In general, pipelining is faster and more affordable than a traditional pipe replacement because no damage is done to your building or property. Instead, existing access points are used. If we cannot find an access point, our technicians will create an access point with a door. This means that holes are not left in your building. Instead, once the work is complete, we close the panel doors.

To learn more about building pipe assessments and epoxy pipelining for your waste and vent stacks as well as your sewer line, give us a call at 815-790-9000. We’d love to talk to you about your building’s plumbing needs.