When it comes to correctly repairing your plumbing probems and determining if epoxy pipe lining or epoxy coatings would help restore your potable water and drain lines, the best way to start the process is by performing a camera inspection. Camera inspections allow plumbers to view the insides of the plumbing pipes in your Chicago multi-unit residential building and locate those problems before any of your fixtures and finishes are damaged, which can reduce the cost of the repair or pipe restoration and decrease the time it takes to repair the issue.

The Plumbing Pipe Video Inspection Camera

In order to understand how a plumbing pipe video inspection camera pinpoints plumbing problems, it is important to understand the tool. Plumbing pipe video inspection cameras are mounted on flexible metal tubing. The machine looks similar to an industrial plumbing snake or a sewer machine, but instead of having a coil or blades at the end, there is a fiber optic camera with a light. The small camera can be threaded through most sizes of plumbing pipes. As the camera moves through the pipe, the LED light illuminates the area and the camera transmits an image back to a small LCD monitor.

Quickly Diagnosis Hidden Plumbing Problems

An inspection with a plumbing specific camera can diagnose cracks, corrosion and leaks in potable water pipes. In drain lines, they help locate cracks, corrosion, foreign objects, grease and hairballs. They can also tell you if other contractor work has damaged the line and the exact location of the problems in your potable water and drain lines.


Plumbing Pipe Camera Inspection Benefits

Having a plumbing pipe camera performed on your potable water lines and drain lines offers many benefits. The biggest benefits involve decreasing the time it takes to diagnose your plumbing problems, which can reduce the amount of time your plumbing system is unavailable to your residents. Once the exact problem is found, it can be repaired in a timely manner so that your residents can enjoy fresh, clean potable water and drain lines that function as expected. It also allows the plumbing crew to determine the exact area of the problem so that only those finishes are removed. This reduces the costs associated with repairing those finishes.

If you have an older building, you may want to have an inspection performed on your potable water lines and drain lines in order to map your system and determine a plan for any needed short, intermediate and long-term maintenance. One of those needed maintenance items may be determining if pipe lining would help restore your plumbing pipes and prevent future leaks.

Diagnosing Plumbing Problems with
Nu Flow

Here at Nu Flow, we offer building pipe assessments, which includes a camera inspection. Our camera inspections can be tailored to meet your specific plumbing pipe goals. We can inspect every drain line, potable water line and vent stack, or we can inspect only the plumbing pipes you specifically request during your inspection.

After the video inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report on everything that was found within your plumbing pipes, which can help you plan for future maintenance. We will tell you whether or not our pipe lining services would help restore your plumbing pipes, and we will provide you with an estimate for lining the plumbing pipes that were inspected.

To learn more about our pipe lining services and to schedule a building pipe assessment, call us at 815-790-9000.