In our last blog we introduced Nu Flow’s new pipe lining assessment service. This service is designed to give you a detailed assessment of the condition of your potable water pipes, drain pipes, stacks and vents. It gives Chicago property owners, property managers and HOA boards a much more accurate view of where their plumbing currently stands, where it is likely headed, andsolutions moving forward.

How We Conduct a Pipe Lining Assessment

We start by gathering basic building and plumbing related information like the age and size of the building. Have there been any major plumbing upgrades through the years and when? We review current plumbing related issues. What repairs seem to be recurring? Are there specific areas of the building where problems are more common? Are issues generally with potable water pipes that are under pressure or in drain pipes?

We determine plumbing access points and locations of cleanouts. We then really get to work, inspecting pipes not only visually from the outside where possible, but more importantly, inserting a small video camera into the pipes for an internal inspection. This camera view will often identify cracks, build ups, blockage and potential areas where failures may occur. While these cameras are an effective way to determine the condition of pipes, even they may not pick up the smallest of cracks. The cameras also help us better determine the pipe layout.

Every step along the way, copious notes are taken that can prove to be invaluable in compiling our detailed pipe assessment.

Our Detailed Report

Upon completion of your inspection, our experienced team will compile a detailed report on your pipe’s overall condition, areas of specific concern, and whether Nu Flow’s pipe relining service is a viable option. In some cases, pipe replacement may be a more prudent option, especially in areas of severe deterioration. Nu Flow is pleased to partner with Chicago’s respected Althoff Industries in projects where pipe replacement may be involved.

Our recommendations can include immediate solutions and even up to a five year plan for a more gradual upgrade. Many facilities find our five year plan easier to plan and budget for. You should also know that both Nu Flow and Althoff Industries are experienced in working with large, occupied buildings and can implement an upgrade plan to keep tenants informed and minimize their inconvenience.

A Valuable Tool

Our pipe lining assessment is a valuable tool whether or not you decide to proceed with a major pipe reline or replacement program. It will give you a much more detailed, expert opinion on your plumbing’s condition and can serve as a roadmap for future maintenance, repairs and upgrades. It will also provide better peace of mind.

Waiting around for the next plumbing emergency isn’t your only option. Get the proactive solution with a pipe lining assessment from Nu Flow Midwest. Contact Nu Flow today or fill out our online form to get started. We look forward to assisting you.