If you have chosen a career as Chicago property managers, you will at some point, be faced with pipe problems. If a problem is relatively small and isolated in a single unit, it may not be a significant issue. If it is within the walls of a building or underground, the expense can be significant and time-consuming.

Trenchless pipe restoration is changing the property management industry by offering new resin-based pipe lining systems that allow for a much more convenient and efficient way to repair pipes. This includes both pressurized and vertical drain pipes.This technology comes in two basic forms, a cured-in-place process (CIPP) and a pull-in-place process (PIPP).


CIPP is a joint-less, seamless, process where a pipe diagnosis is set up, and pipe runs are dried of moisture are “sanded” from the inside using abrasive particles. The abrasive particles are removed from the pipe run, and epoxy is introduced to the pipe run, coating the inside and filling in deteriorated areas. Continuous controlled air facilitates the curing process. After curing and testing, the pipe is ready to go.


Pull-in-pipe processes pull a resin sleeve through a pipe run and then they are inflated inside the pipe to resolve pipe failures or potential failures. Many pipe relining jobs use a combination of pull in place and cure in place processes.

Depending on the size of the structure, pipe relining can save tens of thousands of dollars. In some cases, savings can be in the hundreds of thousands or even exceed a million dollars. It is also much less time-consuming and requires much less inconvenience.

NuFlow Midwest is the Chicago area’s epoxy pipe lining solution. We are able to resolve pipe failures whether they are due to temperature extremes, age or improper initial installation. This trenchless pipe restoration process allows repairs to be made without digging trenches, tearing through lengthy wall spans, and inconveniencing residents for extended periods of time. It is a remarkable Chicago property management tool that is now at your disposal.

Both processes involve limited invasive work. Instead they use the strength of your overall piping to help support a new lining process that is remarkably effective, efficient, durable, and affordable. If the Chicago building you are managing is experiencing increasing pipe failures, the time to call is now. Learn more about CIPP and PIPP pipe relining services from NuFlow Midwest. We will be glad to explain your options and their benefits.

Discover the amazing, effective, pipe-relining services we are proud to offer at NuFlow Midwest. We look forward to adding your building to our growing list of successful Chicago area pipe-lining restoration projects. Contact NuFlow Midwest today!