When you manage a condo in Chicago, you want your building’s systems to run reliably, but what happens when a plumbers pipe assessment reveals that your plumbing system is severely corroded and at risk of flooding your condo? As a responsible property manager or superintendent, you presented this information to your board members. Unfortunately, your board members may believe that the plumbing repairs can wait, or that your pipes are not as severely damaged as the report suggests. In this instance, you will need to dig deeper in order to convince your board that creating a timeline for the restoration of your plumbing pipes are in the best interest of your building and its residents.

Getting an Extensive Review of Your Plumbing System with a Pipe Lining Assessment

If your regular plumber performed your last pipe assessment, it was probably for a traditional pipe replacement, which is more costly than restoring your pipes with epoxy pipe liners. A pipe assessment for pipe lining will provide you and your board members with a second opinion and an alternative way to restore your plumbing pipes without tearing out the drywall, floors and ceiling blocking your water pipes.corroded_pipe_plumbing.jpg

A Nu Flow pipe assessment involves looking at the insides of all your pipes via a detailed camera inspection, which will definitively tell you the ages of your pipes, their corrosion levels and if any pinhole leaks or cracks were seen in any of the pipes cialis prodaja. The assessment will also include a recommendation for pipe lining and an estimate for lining your pipes. This allows you to return to your board members with another plan for increasing the longevity and durability of your pipes.

Getting Approval for a Pipe Lining Assessment

Before you schedule your pipe assessment for pipe lining, you will want to have a few facts available to present to your board members so that they approve the pipe lining assessment.

  • Know the Benefits of Pipe Lining VS. Traditional Pipe Replacement – You could save thousands on the restoration of your plumbing system by choosing trenchless pipe lining over traditional pipe replacement.
  • Know Your Pipes – What types of pipes are in your building, and what are their ages? Pipes are only designed to last a certain number of years before they need repaired, replaced or restored.
  • Get an Estimate for the Assessment – If you know a few key details about your plumbing system, our professional pipe liners can give you an estimate on your pipe inspection. Our pipe liners will need to know the age of your condo and its square footage, the number of vent and drain risers, how many roof drains your building contains and the number of drains you would like us to inspect.

Creating Your Pipe Restoration Plan with Help from Nu Flow

Here at Nu Flow, we can help you create your pipe restoration plan. We understand that you may not be able to line all of your pipes at the same time due to the cost involved and the disruption to your residents. Our professional pipe liners can help you accomplish your pipe restoration task by dividing the work up over a period of months and even years. This allows us to reline your pipes in order of importance so that you can feel confident that your building’s plumbing system will remain reliable.

To schedule your Chicago condo’s plumbing pipe assessment, call us at 815-790-9000. We would be happy to answer all of your pipe lining and restoration questions.