In our previous blog, we discussed why a water pipe assessment from Nu Flow is valuable. Our detailed reports give Chicago property, facility managers and HOA boards a much better handle on the condition of their building’s plumbing and drains. We mentioned briefly how this assessment, along with our partnership with Althoff Industries can work to help us create for you, a longer term, more budget-friendly solution.

Proactive Property Maintenance

Most property managers and HOA boards would agree that the more proactive a maintenance program is, the better related costs can be managed. It ultimately makes for a better environment for tenants and creates “planned” inconvenience that can be minimized It prevents one maintenance problem leading to another like in the case of leaks or potential electrical fires.

Especially in situations involving large, older buildings, plumbing preventive maintenance can be a challenge. Many continue with patchwork repairs until someone finally says “We need a plan!” At Nu Flow, we are confident our water pipe assessment will help lead you to that plan.

Your Ultimate Options

While it is possible our water pipe assessment will tell you your pipes are structural sound inside and out throughout your entire building, odds are if you are having an assessment done in the first place, you are already likely experiencing issues. That leaves a few ultimate options.

  • Pipe Replacement – If large sections of a buildings piping are so deteriorated, pipe replacement may be the best viable option. We are proud to work with one of Chicago’s most trusted names in facility maintenance, Althoff Industries in helping to facilitate pipe replacement projects.
  • Pipe Relining – In many cases, Nu Flows safe and effective epoxy pipe relining system can add decades to the lifespan of a building’s pipes and drains. This is a less invasive,less expensive alternative to pipe replacement. We essentially “scrub”, flush, and dry your pipes interior, and then reline them with our epoxy resin. This resin fills in weak areas, cracks and coats the inside of pipes. This is a process that has been proven safe and effective even for potable water pipes.
  • Combination of Relining and Replacement – In some cases, a strategy that involves partial relining and partial replacement may be prudent. Again, we will work with Althoff Industries in determining an effective hybrid solution to these situations.

A Plan You Can Budget For

Beyond the peace of mind it provides, our water pipe replacement assessment allows HOA’s and building owners to better budget for these sometimes extensive repair and/or replacement projects. If you desire, we can include a five year plan as part of our assessment. This plan will prioritize areas of your building’s piping. At the end of five years, you will, in essence, have a plumbing system that is renewed to provide decades of service. We will even help develop a plan to keep tenants notified of the work in progress to minimize their inconvenience. It may be the perfect solution for owners and HOA’s who are not prepared to take on the entire project at once.

We encourage you to contact Nu Flow Midwest for more details. Get a better understanding of the potential problems lurking in your building’s walls with a water pipe assessment from Nu Flow.