A waste drain vent pipe plays a simple, yet critical role in every building that has a wastewater drainage system. This includes your Chicago area building. A waste drain vent pipe allows gravity to do its job and carry human waste and wastewater away from your property through the city sewer system. They use basic physics to perform their job, equalizing the air pressure in your drain pipes.

What Happens When There is a Waste Drain Vent Pipe Corrosion Issue

Even though waste drain vent pipes are designed to carry air, not liquids, they are still susceptible to corrosion from moisture and steam that travels up through them. They aren’t under pressure, don’t carry liquids, but when a corrosion problem occurs, it can create some disgusting and potentially dangerous issues. When vent pipes corrode and/or get clogged, it can build negative pressure in your waste drain system. This negative pressure can create a suction effect, preventing waste water from moving freely away from your building. The more this process is inhibited by a clog or corrosion, the more the problem can compound. It may first manifest itself with slow drains or drains that gurgle. If it can’t be cured by a plunger, the problem is likely to get worse. In severe cases, liquids from P-traps may be vacuumed into the drain, This will allow sewer gases into areas of your building where this occurred creating an urgent situation. These gasses are not only extremely unpleasant, they can cause serious health risks.

Part of the problem with vent pipe corrosion issues is that since they can occur so slowly, the issue may not be immediately noticed cialis prodaja. As the drain slows, more and more materials can gather in your drain pipes, reaching a point where snaking may not even provide relief. The best way to avoid this problem is by keeping on eye on how quickly wastewater pipes are draining from your building and if gurgling noises are increasing. If your building is old enough, it may be worth taking proactive steps. This can be done through pipe replacement, or through an innovative technique called pipe relining.

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining cleans and dries the interior of pipes. Once cleaned and dried, an epoxy substance is introduced that, when cured, provides a clean, smooth interior surface that is chemical and clog resistant. This lining has been known to extend the life of pipes, including drain vent pipes, for decades.

Pipe Relining from Nu Flow

Nu Flow Midwest offers this proven method of pipe relining to building managers and HOA’s throughout the Chicagoland area. If your are experiencing slow running drains, a decrease in water pressure or are finding your plumbing repair bills climbing, it may be time to contact us. This process has been performed in hospitals and schools. It has been successfully applied in government buildings and even on aircraft carriers.  Discover the less invasive, less expensive alternative to pipe replacement. Contact us today and discover epoxy pipe relining from Nu Flow Midwest.