Understanding Apartment, Condo and Co-op Plumbing Systems

The plumbing system in your condo, apartment or co-op unit is connected to other units in your building, and a clog, overflowing toilet or water line break can affect multiple units.

  1. Vent Stack – A vent stack is a type of vertical stack that allows air to enter and escape the system. This helps keep water flowing down the drain lines. If the vent stack is clogged, waste and water could stop flowing due to improper pressurization of the system.
  2.  Toilet – It is important to never flush items other than toilet paper and human waste down a toilet. Flushing sanitary products, toys, pet waste and paper towels or wet-wipes can result in clogs and an overflowing toilet that could cause water damage to the unit below yours.
  3. Drain Lines – Broken and corroded drain lines can cause gray and black water to flood the areas between units and down walls, creating a potentially hazardous situation.
  4. Waste StackWaste stacks are connected to fixtures that contain human waste, but they can also be connected to showers and bathtubs indegenerique.be. When a waste stack cracks or corrodes, it can lead to foul odors in your unit.
  5. Potable Water Lines – Your potable water lines supply hot and cold water to your condo, apartment or co-op. If they develop cracks or leaks or blow-out, you could experience a flood.
  6. Shower – Showers should always be well-maintained. It is important to keep the shower drain free of hair and soap scum that could create clogs under the shower drain and further down the line.