Imagine a pipe replacement technology that involves minimal destruction in your multi-family residential complex in Chicago. It’s called trenchless technology, and it can be used to repair, replace and reline both underground and ‘behind the wall’ potable pipes. Here at Nu Flow, we understand that when you need to replace your existing plumbing, you want an option that involves minimal disruption. That is why we offer trenchless technology in the form of pipe relining and coating.

How Trenchless Technology Works

Trenchless technology involves minimal disruption. Normally, only two holes are accessed. The first hole is accessed at the beginning of the pipe, and the second hole is accessed at the end of the pipe. The next steps are determined by the type of trenchless technology being utilized.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting involves the use of a bursting head that is between 50 and 100 millimeters larger than the new pipe. As the head moves forward, it shatters the existing pipe and pushes the pieces away from the path. Since the new pipe is attached to the bursting head, it immediately replaced the old pipe. This method is typically used to replace drain and sewer lines that reside underground.

Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal drilling, also known as horizontal boring and directional drilling, involves drilling a pilot hole, enlarging the hole and threading the new pipe through the hole. This method works well for installing a completely new drain and sewer lines.

Pipe Relining and Recoating

Pipe relining involves installing a pipe liner into your existing drain lines with the help of a bladder. Once the liner is in place, the bladder is inflated, which presses the liner against your existing pipe. Then, the bladder is removed. The liner cures in place. Pipe relining works well for pipes that are extremely corroded, cracked and missing sections.

Pipe coating involves using a pressurized epoxy coating to essentially resurface and restore your pipe’s function. Pipe coating helps prevent additional corrosion on the inside of your water pipes.

Benefits of Trenchless Technology

  • Less Damage to Landscaping
  • Less Expensive than Traditional Trench Digging
  • Less Time Consuming
  • More Convenient for Your Residents

Trenchless Technology with Nu Flow

Here at Nu Flow, we offer pipe relining and recoating, which can restore the function and durability of your corroded and damaged pipes so that you do not have to completely replace them.

Pipe relining works well for restoring the integrity of extremely damaged and corroded clay, concrete, fiberglass, PVC and steel pipes.

Pipe coating is a great solution for cast iron, copper, lead and steel pipes that are extremely corroded but do not have any significant damage or completely disintegrated sections.

Keeping Your Residents Comfort in Mind

When we perform your pipe relining or coating service, we understand that you want your residents to experience minimal hardship during the repair process. This is why we offer online scheduling notification via our projects page. Our two most recent projects include 222 E Pearson and 1250 La Salle. During both projects, we provided the Chicago high-rise residents with a schedule of repairs. That schedule included which units would be affected and the start and end dates for each of the affected units.

Controlling Costs Over Time

If, as a Chicago property manager, you are concerned about the cost of relining or coating your pipes all at once, we offer solutions over time. Our next project will be performed at 70 E. Cedar, and due to certain constraints, that project will be systematically completed over the course of three years.

We can help you come up with a solution that works for you and your residents, contact us at the ‘button’ below.