In our previous post, we discussed common causes of clogged drains, how they can be detected and who is responsible for their repair. In this post, we want to address ways in which building plumbing drain system clogs can be prevented.

Start at Preventive Maintenance

The place to start is understanding the value of preventive maintenance on your drain pipes. Calling an emergency plumber to address an immediate problem can be very expensive, even if the fix is relatively simple. Preventive maintenance on your plumbing drain system can keep you ahead of the game and in a better situation to head off problems before they occur.

The main sewer line where individual unit drains attach should be cleaned twice a year. Keep in mind just because you are not currently experiencing a clog doesn’t mean one isn’t developing. Clearing it semi-annually will clear growing clogs before they create an emergency.

Outside and garage drains can clog with dirt, sand, gravel, and trash. An annual drain jetting can help clear drains of this debris before it serves as a net to gather further material. The spring is often a good time of the year for jetting garage and outdoor drains before heavy rains cause further problems. Clogged garage drains can cause water damage to vehicles and landscaping.

Spring is also a good time to make sure roof drains are draining properly as well. Backed up roof drains can cause extensive, and expensive damage to your building’s roof.

Is it Time for a Pipe Assessment?

If water and drain pipe problems are increasing in the Chicago building you manage, a thorough pipe assessment from Nu Flow Midwest can be of real value. Our pipe assessment program involves looking at the history of your entire building’s plumbing including supply lines, drains, stacks and vents. We review the material your pipes are constructed of and consider previous repairs. We visually inspect your pipes and even use small cameras to inspect your pipe’s interior walls. Following our thorough inspection, we provide you with a complete written assessment of the health of your building’s pipes. This assessment will include any necessary recommendations for pipe run replacement or relining and prioritize that plan over multiple years, depending on urgency and your budget. Even if you do not decide to proceed with reining or replacement, you will have a much better idea of the condition of your building’s plumbing and drains. If you decide to proceed with our recommendations, we take immediate ownership your building’s pipes. This means if any plumbing problems arise during the duration of the multi-year plan, we will take care of it. This not only provides you with a long-term solution to your building’s plumbing issues but also brings you immediate peace of mind.

Getting started is as easy as filling out our simple online form. We will be in contact to discuss how Nu Flow’s innovative pipe relining service is a less expensive, less invasive solution to complete pipe replacement.