Lately we’ve been addressing the value of having a complete pipe assessment performed on your building by Nu Flow Midwest. The pipe assessment involves looking at the history of your building’s pipes and the materials its pipes are made of. Our pipe assessment reviews previous plumbing repairs and replacements and includes a visual inspection. It also includes looking inside of your plumbing with micro-cameras to better determine the condition of your pipes. The purpose of all of this is to compile a written evaluation of the overall condition of your building’s pipes. We can also provide you with a written, multi-year plan for the complete relining or replacement of your pipes. Ultimately, this gives you a manageable plan to deal with a major renovation project.

Your Pipe Problems Become Ours

What happens, however, if a pipe or pipe run has problems before it is scheduled for replacement? What if a pipe scheduled for relining in year three causes building plumbing pipe problems in the first year? The answer is simple. We’ll take care of it.

If we have a multi-year plan to reline your entire building’s pipes, we will fix any pipe problems that come up in the interim. In essence, we take ownership of the pipes for the duration of the contract. This gives you peace of mind knowing that with a multi-year rehabilitation plan with Nu Flow, you don’t have to worry about any pipe problems. The moment our agreement is signed, your pipe problems become ours.

Our pipe assessment program is proving to be valuable way building owners, managers and HOAs can determine the current health of their building’s pipes. It will make them aware of where and quite possibly when problems may occur. It will prioritize pipe rehabilitation and create a pipe lining plan. Most importantly, it takes the burden of worrying about impending pipe problems off of your shoulders and on to ours.

Adding New Life to Old Pipes

Nu Flow Midwest’s innovative pipe relining system restores aging pipes without invasive pipe replacement. Pipes are scrubbed and rinsed internally, and then dried. Finally, a safe, epoxy based lining is introduced, filling holes and weak spots. Once cured, this new, smoother interior pipe lining will add decades to the life of your building’s pipes. Pipe relining means fewer inconveniences to tenants, there is much less construction debris than that of pipe replacement, and it is more economical. Now, with our pipe assessment service, you can see how it can work for you.

If you would like more information about getting a pipe assessment, fill out our online form. We’ll be in contact to discuss your building and how our pipe assessment program can be the start of a manageable plan for you. There is a better way to deal with the stress of your increasing building plumbing pipe problems in the Chicago area, contact Nu Flow to renew your plumbing pipes.