We frequently get questions about what materials are used in our pipe relining process. Of course, when it comes to potable water pipes, building owners and HOA’s want assurance that the product is first safe, then effective, and that it will be a lasting resolution to pipe deterioration issues. They want to be assured that the pipes will truly be relined and the integrity of old pipes will be returned. Let’s take a quick look at these various questions and how Nu Flow Midwest with pipe relining process addresses them.

The Materials

The Nu Flow Midwest process includes the draining, drying and “scrubbing” of your building’s pipes interiors. This scrubbing cleans the inside of your buildings pipes and the material and residue are flushed from your pipes. The pipes are dried and a safe, epoxy resin is introduced into the heated pipe. The pipe is then cured for 12 to 24 hours and the interior of your pipes are left with a clean, smooth surface. Holes are filled and leaks are resolved impotenzastop.it.

Is it Safe for Potable Water?

Absolutely. Following the pipe cleaning, a potable water safe, liquid epoxy is applied. It has been proven safe in buildings throughout the world including government buildings, medical facilities, and even aircraft carriers.

How Effective is the Process?

The combination of our scrubbing process, drying, epoxy lining, and heated curing process leaves your pipes interiors restored to better than new condition. Rust and corrosion won’t stick to the new epoxy interior surface and water will flow smoothly. Our pipe relining process has been proven to be an effective and efficient alternative to pipe replacement.

Is it a Lasting Resolution?

We guarantee installation for ten years. Tests, however, indicated that the pipe relining process can last decades. This provides value and peace of mind for years and years. It could prove to be a better a choice than pipe replacement for a variety of reasons including costs. It is also much less invasive than pipe replacement and is actually a more environmentally friendly choice.

How Do You Get Started?

If you are already experiencing regular issues with the problem in your Chicago area building, we will be happy to give you an estimate on our pipe-relining services. You also can choose to have us conduct a complete and thorough pipe assessment. With our pipe assessment services, we review the history of your pipes, repairs and materials. We not only conduct visual exterior inspections but will use miniature cameras to look inside your buildings pipes. This will tell us where, and even possibly when, you will experience pipe failures in the future. We will then develop a multi-year plan to prioritize areas where pipe-lining should be completed first. To offer you additional peace of mind, once under contract, we will take complete ownership of your pipes. That means, even if you experience a failure in pipes not yet ready for relining, we will take care of the problem. It couldn’t be easier.

We invite you to learn why more and more building managers and HOA’s in Chicago are choosing pipe relining from Nu Flow Midwest.