Many investment property owners, HOA boards, and Chicago property managers are discovering the value of improving green aspects of their buildings. There are energy savings, financial savings, and public relations advantages to being more environmentally friendly.

Here are six environmentally friendly plumbing solutions.

  1. Toilets : Water efficient toilets have been around for a while, but they are more affordable than ever and more efficient than ever. Water efficient toilets can save upwards of 60% of normal use.
  2. Sprinkler Systems for Green Space: Eco-friendly water systems can keep your outdoor space greener while maximizing water use. There are drip systems available that minimize evaporation. If the property you manage has green space, seek out your “green” options for watering.
  3. Shower Heads : About two and a half gallons can go through a traditional shower head in a single minute. Water efficient shower heads can reduce that by 30% without the user seeing a noticeable difference.
  4. Faucets : Like eco-friendly showers, eco-friendly faucets allow for good water pressure while minimizing water use. Of course, ensuring any drips are promptly attended to will also save water.
  5. Energy Efficient Water Heaters: There have been some impressive advances in water heaters recently with options ranging from tankless to solar powered. You can also save on heating water by making sure hot water pipes are properly insulated.
  6. Water Pipes: If you manage an older property and are considering pipe replacement, there is an environmentally friendly plumbing option. Nu Flow’s epoxy pipe restoration technology is an eco-friendly solution that creates no waste for landfills and does not generate carbon emissions during manufacturing. Traditional pipe replacement creates tremendous amounts of waste and requires equal amounts of new materials. By retrofitting existing pipes with a structural liner or epoxy coating, Nu Flow saves the existing infrastructure and greatly extends its useful life of plumbing. With Nu Flow’s trenchless, pipe-lining system, there is no digging or destruction to interior walls and ceilings.

Our process starts by cleaning and drying the pipe’s interior. Then the epoxy resin is introduced, filling any damaged areas and relining the pipe’s interior surface. The epoxy coating is non-toxic and is UL classified to NSF61 standards. It is approved for use in cold and hot potable water applications down to 1/2″ inch pipe diameters. The EPA has conveyed a growing concern over the adverse effects of high lead and copper levels in infants, children and pregnant women, and pipe-relining, from Nu Flow, addresses that issue in older structures.

If your building is taking steps to go green, there are many steps you can take. If you are considering pipe replacement, choose the environmentally friendly alternation. Choose Nu Flow’s innovative, money-saving pipe relining system. Our epoxy coating used in potable water applications has a rated life of 35-50 years under normal use. This can vastly extend the life of your building’s pipes. Contact us and learn more about Nu Flow. Reline, repair, and renew with Nu Flow Midwest.