In this new blog series, we will address the property manager challenges of determining precisely what condition your building’s pipes are in and the value of our NuFlow Midwest water pipe condition assessment service. This should be a must read for facility and property managers, HOA board of directors and those interested in taking the mystery out of their building’s potential plumbing problems. This is an especially important series if your building is experiencing increasing potable water pipe problems.

The Problem

Your building’s plumbing is an integral part of the value of your property and the services you provide to your tenants. Part of the problem is it is mainly unseen. There is no question adequate, working plumbing is taken for granted by property owners and tenants. Quite frankly, that contributes to the significance of the problem. We simply expect pipes to flow adequately and drains to drain.

Adding to the situation is the fact that when potable water pipe problems occur, the problem may not just be limited to the cost of pipe repair or replacement. A significant potable water pipe failure can have tremendous cost implications with water related damage to the building itself as well as tenants property. It can be a large inconvenience to the people who pay for, and expect, uninterrupted potable water service where they buy or lease. Adding to the issue is the fact that an undetected failure in an ignored area like a basement or storage area can cost thousands of dollars in wasted water usage alone. This is not only a potential financial issue but it can be a public relations issue. It may even lead to legal action if neglect can be demonstrated. To protect your interest, it is best to be able to demonstrate that HOA boards, building owners and building managers have performed due diligence in the prevention of issues with a building’s potable water pipes.

The Proactive Solution

Nu Flow Midwest’s new potable water pipe assessment provides you a detailed report on the condition of your building’s potable water plumbing. It is a critical tool in determining problem areas in your buildings plumbing BEFORE they occur. It can not only determine potential leaks, but it will show where pipes are being clogged to the point of failure. Our potable pipe assessment will detail areas of concern and help you determine a plan of action that is manageable. It provides better peace of mind for those involved in facility management. Perhaps most importantly, it demonstrates due diligence.

In this series, you will learn what is involved in our potable pipe assessment and what you can expect. We will tell you about how inspections are conducted and how they can better help you manage solutions. You will learn more about NuFlow’s pipe relining option that is more cost effective and less invasive than other options.

Coming up next, a look at what is involved in a Nu Flow Midwest potable water pipe assessment.