If you are a Chicago property manager, the question is sure to arise. When a pipe fails and causes a water leak, who is responsible? In a rental situation, the answer is relatively clear cut. Unless the pipe was damaged by malicious intent of the tenant, the building owner is responsible. But what about a situation involving a condominium or privately owned unit?

What Illinois Law Says

Property management may believe that all plumbing issues are the responsibility of the unit owner but that is not accurate, at least not in Chicago and Illinois. Illinois law indicates a demarcation line between what are plumbing problems that the unit owners are responsible for and what are building related.

If a pipe is for a specific unit and is within the interior of the unit itself, generally the unit owner is responsible for its maintenance and repair. If however, the issue is with water pipes in the walls of the building that serves a more widespread area, then the Chicago property manager/owner would be liable for the repairs. This is why, in part, in-unit water shut-off valves are important for property managers to install in individual units.

Damage from In-Wall Water Pipe Failure

Failure of in-wall water pipes is one of a property manager’s worst nightmares. This is especially true with frozen pipes in Chicago’s frigid winters. Reality is, however, that pipe failures can result from a variety of reasons at any time, including age, rust, poor connections, the sudden change in pressure, and sub-par initial installations. When an in-wall water pipe fails, it is likely to cause massive and expensive repairs. These repairs can be time-consuming and cause inconvenience to residents to the point of litigation. There is, however, an innovative solution.

Welcome to Nu Flow Midwest

Nu Flow Midwest is the Chicago area’s exclusive installer of Nu Flow’s epoxy pipe lining technology. This technology can not only improve and stabilize deteriorating pipes, it can save thousands and tens of thousands of dollars over traditional pipe repair and replacement options.

Nu Flow’s pipe restoration process virtually cleans out deteriorating pipes from the inside. It locates current and potential leaks and seals them with a potable water safe, UL certified to NSF 61 standard liquid epoxy. This pipe restoration process can be accomplished while limiting damage to walls and minimizing inconveniences for residents.

If you are a Chicago property manager or own a Chicago area investment property or building, it is time to learn more about Nu Flow Midwest’s innovative water pipe restoration service. We can help prevent major problems in buildings with aging plumbing, and we are certainly a viable alternative to expensive in-wall pipe replacement when a problem occurs. Contact Nu Flow Midwest today to learn more.