Process Benefits

1. Safe And Durable – The pipe restoration process is safe and simple. It does not use toxic chemicals or mechanical devices and it utilizes a closed system safe for use inside buildings and their surroundings. Removed corrosion products do not require special handling for disposal. Recent and ongoing research by the EPA has conveyed a growing concern over the adverse effects of high lead and copper levels in infants, children and pregnant women. The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services postulates that lead is the number one environmental threat to our children’s health, with increasing exposure rates caused by the continued consumption of water from aging, corroded water systems, many of which are still fitted with original lead-based plumbing fixtures. Epoxy pipe lining provides a permanent protective barrier within the pipe halting the further leaching of these and other harmful elements. The epoxy coating is non-toxic and is approved for use in cold and hot potable water applications down to 1/2″ in pipe diameter. The cured epoxy product is extremely durable and impervious to the corrosive action of acids, alkalies and petroleum.

2. Cost Effective – Building and ground demolition is unnecessary with in-place restoration, making the process highly cost-effective over traditional pipe replacement. Extended downtime and related loss of revenue to businesses is alleviated. In US Navy applications, new pipes have been lined as a preventative measure with compounded long term maintenance cost savings. Pipes occluded with corrosion build-up also require more pumping power to maintain required flow levels and water capacity. The cured in-place epoxy restoration technology allows for existing pipe to retain original flow and capacity, thereby conserving both water and power.

3. Flexible – The cured in place epoxy process can be applied wherever plumbing is installed including: residential housing, schools, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, underground utilities and fuel transport piping and ocean vessels. The process accommodates a variety of piping materials including galvanized steel, copper, cast iron, black iron and lead pipe and will clean and line pipe sizes down to ½ inch in diameter.

4. Fast – Cured in-place epoxy restoration is quick and involves little or no disruption to ongoing tenant, student, personnel or public activities. Pipe segments being restored are typically completed in 2-3 days and returned to service prior to commencing work on subsequent pipe runs.

5. Guaranteed – All epoxy lining restoration work performed includes a full 10 year installation guarantee. The epoxy coating used in potable water applications has a rated life of 35-50 years under normal use and has exhibited a potential useful life of up to 80 years in accelerated laboratory mechanical testing.

6. Green Technology – Nu Flow’s epoxy pipe restoration technology is an eco-friendly solution that creates no waste for landfills or recycling and does not generate carbon emissions during manufacturing. Traditional pipe replacement creates tremendous amounts of waste and requires equal amounts of new building materials. By retrofitting existing pipes with a structural liner or epoxy coating, Nu Flow saves the existing infrastructure and greatly extends its useful life without digging and destruction of existing landscapes and hardscapes or interior walls and ceilings.

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