Pipe Lining Vs. Traditional Pipe Replacement

When you have a plumbing problem in your building, you may be torn as to the best way to have it repaired. In general, you have two choices. You can go with traditional pipe replacement, or you can choose trenchless pipe lining.

  • Pipe Lining – Pipe lining is considered to be less messy and less costly than traditional pipe replacement because your fixtures and finishes to not need to be removed when repairing your broken plumbing pipe. Instead, all the pipe lining technician needs is an access point, which can be any drain or clean-out line in your unit.
  • Traditional Pipe Replacement – Traditional pipe replacement completely replaces the busted or corroded pipe, but in order to replace that pipe, it must be accessed. This can result in your tiles, drywall and other finishes being removed. Once the plumber is finished, he or she may not replace those finishes, which means you will have to hire another contractor to restore the area.