At Nu Flow Midwest, we get a lot of questions about our pipe restoration services. Many are just learning about this innovative process that relines deteriorating pipes with a safe, clean, durable epoxy lining. It is a process that scrubs and rinses a pipes interior, dries it, and relines it. Once relined, the pipe can provide decades of renewed service.

Technology Used Worldwide and in Chicago

Since many building owners, facility managers and HOAs are only now becoming familiar with the process, they may not know that pipe relining is proven technology that is being used worldwide. It has been used by hotels and casinos, water treatment plants, schools and government buildings. Pipe restoration is being used in condominiums, chemical companies, medical facilities and even on U.S. aircraft carriers. Nu Flow’s proven technology has been used by such brand names as Coke, Anheuser-Busch, Nestle and GM. The patented trenchless process is approved for use in Chicago. Nu Flow Midwest has relined pipes in major condominium buildings on East Pearson and on La Salle, and we’ve done work at U.S. Cellular Field.

Less Invasive Plumbing Restoration

Nu Flow Midwest’s pipe restoration is called “trenchless” but it is for far more than just buried pipes. It is a less invasive way to restore pipes from 1/2” diameter up to 10”, in any location. Nu Flow Midwest can reline pipes around multiple bends, so pipes in garages, basements, walls and ceilings can all be treated with this process. They can be relined without tearing into concrete, plaster or wallboard.

Proven Safe Technology

Nu Flow Midwest’s pipe relining technology has also been proven safe. The lining passes the requirements of the NSF 61 standard which governs materials and equipment used to handle drinking water. That means water passing through newly-lined pipes meets safe drinking water standards.

Guaranteed for 10 Years

Our pipe relining process is guaranteed for ten years, but testing indicates that relined pipes can last more than 35 years. So not only is our pipe restoration technology proven worldwide, it is proven safe and it is guaranteed kamagra oral jelly rezeptfrei kaufen. You’ll also appreciate the fact that the process is much quicker than pipe replacement, is a much greener process, and involves much less inconvenience to building tenants.

If you would like to know more about Nu Flow Midwest’s pipe relining and restoration services, contact us. If you manage a Chicago building, are a building owner or are a board member of a HOA, we encourage you to learn more about our pipe assessment service. Our pipe assessment service looks closely at your buildings piping to determine its present condition. We can also put together a prioritized, long-term plan for complete restoration of your building’s pipes. Put our proven technology to work for you.