When it comes to restoring the structural integrity of your plumbing pipes and sealing pinhole leaks, you may be wondering which company and type of pipe lining system would be best for you. Here at Nu Flow of Chicago, we want you to be informed before you choose a pipe lining system – read this review to be informed of which plumbing restoration system will be best for your property.


Perma-Liner Industries is an epoxy pipe lining company that offers their own patented pipe lining system. They have been in business since 1991 and own several US and Canadian patents for their technologies.


  • 50-year lifespan
  • Custom installation equipment is available to contractors
  • Sectional point repairs available
  • Sewer lining from manhole to manhole available
  • Lines pipes from 2” to 102” in diameter


  • A proper inspection must be performed prior to installation
  • Cannot be done on extremely corroded pipes
  • Pipes must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before pipe lining.
  • May not be able to do bends and Wye pipes


Flow-Liner also specializes in trenchless pipe liners. They’ve been a CIPP trench lining company since 2001, and they use their own patented pipe lining technology to trenchlessly refurbish plumbing pipes. They serve the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Europe.


  • Can line pipes in all types of buildings
  • Can line plumbing, sewer industrial and utility pipes
  • Eight pipe lining systems available
  • Has the ability to line T-connections and WYE fittings


  • Can’t be used in bellied or bent pipes
  • Can’t be used in instances where the goal is to increase pipe diameter
  • Proper cleaning and drying must be performed to ensure maximum adhesion of the liner
  • Proper pipe inspections must be performed before installation

Nu Flow Epoxy Pipe Lining

Nu Flow of Chicago has been offering epoxy pipe lining since 2012 and uses Nu Flow Technologies patented pipe restoration materials . We serve Chicago and the surrounding communities and suburbs of Cary, Fox River, Oakwood Hills, Crystal Lake, Lake Forest and every community in-between. Our trenchless pipe lining technologies have been used to reline pipes at Guaranteed Field, formerly US Cellular Field, and condo buildings on East Cedar Street, East Pearson and La Salle. Our patented pipe lining technologies can be used to line all types of plumbing pipes.


  • 10-year installation guarantee
  • 35 – 50-year lifespan
  • Can be used in all buildings, including residential, commercial, industrial and municipal
  • Can be used to line severely corroded pipes with missing sections
  • Custom solutions to your toughest drain pipe challenges
  • Can create epoxy pipe lining and pipe replacement plans for total building plumbing pipe renovations
  • Individualized solutions for lining T and Wye fittings


  • Epoxy pipe lining steps must be performed correctly to ensure maximum adhesion
  • Pipe to be lined must be properly cleaned and dried prior to pipe liner insertion
  • Proper pipe inspections must be performed prior to installation

Getting Started with Nu Flow

Here at Nu Flow, we can help you get started on the road to trenchlessly relining your plumbing pipes. Our epoxy pipe lining system is designed to seal pinhole leaks and prevent future corrosion. Plastic, copper, cast iron and brass plumbing pipes can all be lined with our patented systems.

The Nu Flow Midwest Process

To ensure we properly prepare your pipes prior to the installation process, we have a new pan and tilt camera that allows us to see every angle and wall of your plumbing pipes so that we can create a custom pipe lining solution for you. When it comes to cleaning your pipes, we use an environmentally friendly propane-powered jetter, which can be used indoors and is not subject to ozone action days.

If your plumbing pipes are severely corroded or it is determined that they would not hold up to the relining process, we can create a custom plan that relines all the pipes that are good candidates for the epoxy pipe lining process, and we can work with our partners at Althoff to replace all the pipes that cannot be lined.

To schedule a building pipe assessment and get an estimate on the costs to install a Nu Flow pipe lining system, call us today at 815-790-9000.