NuFlow Midwest of Chicago would like to introduce a new epoxy pipelining product that can be used to rehabilitate plumbing pipes that range in diameter from 1.25 inches to 12 inches. This revolutionary, new, all-solids epoxy is called Picote Brush Cast Epoxy, and it can be used on fiberglass, clay, and cast iron pipes as well as ductile iron pipes in order to restore and rehabilitate them. Let’s take a look at what Picote Brush Cast Epoxy is and how it can help you extend the useful lives of your existing pipes.

What is Picote Brush Cast Epoxy?

Picote Brush Cast Epoxy is a relatively new type of epoxy that contains 100% solids while requiring no mixing. It is NSF 61.5 certified for white, and it’s ASTM certified and WRC approved.

  • NSF 61.5 – Certified safe for drinking water systems
  • ASTM Certified – Checked and tested for quality and safety
  • WRC Approved – Water Research Center approved for safety and quality and is fit for purpose

Picote brush epoxy is slightly different than other types of epoxy that are used to line plumbing pipes. The biggest difference is its application method. Other forms of epoxy are inserted into the plumbing pipes by being either blown in or sprayed in. By contrast, Picote brush epoxy is applied via a brush or other application tool. This allows for a more precise application of the epoxy coating and helps ensure that no spots are missed during the application process. It can also be used to apply the coating to specific areas of the drain or pipe if the entire length does not need to be lined or if there are gaps in an existing epoxy-lined pipe.

Benefits of Picote Brush Cast Epoxy

Picote Brush Cast Epoxy provides many benefits over other types of epoxy, including precision application, the ability to apply multiple coats quickly, and the fact that it’s cost-effective and environmentally friendly. It’s even specifically designed for use in pipes and drains.

Precision Application

Since Picote brush epoxy is applied with a brush, it can be precisely applied to the inside of the pipe. This means that it can be used to coat entire runs of pipes or part of a pipe. It can even be used to fill in spaces between epoxy liners or used in conjunction with other types of epoxy liners.

Multiple Coats

It can be used as a single coat, or multiple coats can be applied in order to create structural integrity. It can even be used to strengthen existing CIPP pipe connections. In fact, when multiple coats are used, each coat can be applied after the first coat has been inside the pipe for between 2 and 4 hours.

Specifically Designed for Pipes and Drains

Picote Brush Cast Epoxy is specifically designed to line water pipes and drains. This is because it’s been rigorously tested for safety, effectiveness, and durability. As a result, it is damp-proof, corrosion and wear-resistant, and resistant to breaking, jarring, and bending.

Can Be Applied Quickly

Because it uses a brush or other type of applicator, it can be applied faster than other types of epoxy resins. The final curing time is usually 24 hours, but water flow may be able to be restored in as little as four hours.

Less Expensive Than Other Types of Pipelining Epoxy

Picote Brush Cast Epoxy typically comes in cartridges that are inserted into the application machine. This means that there is no need to mix the epoxy prior to application, and since a brush is used to apply the epoxy, it is a much faster process. This can reduce the costs associated with labor and product waste. It’s also a trenchless technology, which means that no holes are created in your walls, ceiling, or floors.

Creates a Smooth Slick Surface

Epoxy pipelining is known for its ability to improve water flow by maximizing the internal diameter of the pipe and creating a smooth surface. Picote Brush Cast Epoxy takes this a step further by creating an extra-slick and smooth surface. This means that water flow is further improved and objects are less likely to get stuck in the pipe and create full or partial clogs that slow down or obstruct the water flow.

Environmentally Friendly

PBCE is environmentally friendly. It is low-VOC, which means the epoxy does not contain any harmful chemicals, and it doesn’t contribute to air pollution or harm indoor air quality. It also doesn’t involve mining any new materials, as you would need to do when manufacturing new plumbing pipes, and it doesn’t add material to landfills because your existing pipes are left in place.

How to Use Picote Brush Cast Epoxy

The process of applying Picote Brush Cast Epoxy is similar to the process used to install other types of epoxy.

1. Your pipes are cleaned and descaled, using a rotating cleaning device that either contains chains or brushes. In some cases, multiple types of pipe cleaning devices may be used in order to clean the pipe down to the pipe walls.

2. The Picote Brush Cast Epoxy is applied to the inside of the pipe. The minimum recommended thickness is .3mm, but up to .5 – 1 mm can be applied via multiple coats. If there are cracks in the pipe, those are filled with the application of the first layer of epoxy.

3. If there are to be multiple layers of epoxy, the pipe is prepared for the second layer or subsequent layers.

4. The final white layer of epoxy is applied. It’s important to note that only the white epoxy is NSF 61.5 certified, and it must be the final layer applied to the pipe because it’s approved for use with potable water.

5. The epoxy is left to cure for 24 hours.

6. Water service is restored.

Where Can Picote Brush Cast Epoxy Be Used?

Picote Brush Cast Epoxy can be used on small diameter pipes from 1.25 inches to 12 inches in diameter. This makes it perfect for potable water pipes and pressurized pipes. It can even be used on pipes with multiple bends. It has been successfully used on plumbing pipes in apartments, highrises, and in residential and municipal buildings as well as in nuclear and industrial plants. You can even use it to line the plumbing pipes and drains in pools and dams.

Picote Brush Cast Epoxy with NuFlow, Serving Chicago

If you’re looking to rehabilitate your plumbing pipes without the need to tear out your existing plumbing pipes and potentially fix holes in your walls, Picote Brush Cast Epoxy may be the answer. It’s a fast, non-destructive, trenchless way to extend the useful life of your potable water pipes, and multiple layers can be added in order to improve the structural integrity of your existing plumbing pipes.

To learn more about how epoxy pipe lining can help your high-rise, commercial, and municipal building, contact us today.