A decline in water quality can often be contributed to the deterioration of pipe infrastructure. When pipes are corroded, blocked, or admit outside elements into the water stream (from holes, cracks or root growth) it can be a dangerous situation. With so many miles of piping systems throughout municipalities, large properties, and even individual homes, the cost of full replacement of these systems would be astronomical.

We know that pipe lining systems can make or break a pipe restoration project. They are non-invasive, affordable, and effectively repair corroded or clogged pipes – removing the need for a full pipe system replacement. We are proud to stand by and represent the industry leading products and processes developed by Nu Flow.

Nu Flow has been providing pipe lining systems for over fifteen years and offers solutions for repairing both pressurized and non-pressurized piping systems – which makes them unique in the industry.

Pressurized pipes, like hot and cold water systems, can be restored through the use of Nu Flow’s blown in epoxy lining method – Nu Line. This technology was developed in 1987. It uses hot air to sandblast pipes clean and then distribute liquid epoxy lining into the existing pipes.  This process eventually became exclusively licensed to Nu Flow, which made Nu Flow the only pipe and drain rehabilitation company to both manufacture and install pressurized and non-pressurized pipe lining systems.

This addition solidified Nu Flow’s pre-existing industry leadership that began with the founder of Nu Flow, Cameron Manners. He created the pull-in-place method for 2” to 12” pipes, which prior to 1990 did not exist. This pull-in-place structural lining process has received multiple patents, and completely changed the pipe restoration industry.

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