Today is the first ever World Trenchless Day, and our professional pipe lining installation experts and
staff members would like you to help us celebrate it by learning about trenchless technology and how it can help you provide your residents with clean water.


The Importance of Clean Drinking Water


Clean drinking water is essential for health and life, and with lead contaminated water making its way across headlines in the United States, it’s important to have your water tested for lead and other contaminants in order to ensure that your residents are drinking the cleanest water possible.

Contaminated water can cause intestinal and stomach ailments, like nausea and diarrhea. If the water is contaminated by lead, it can cause developmental delays and harm to internal organs in children. In adults, lead contaminated water can cause heart and kidney problems. Here at Nu Flow, we want to help you keep your water clean by having it tested regularly. If lead or other contaminants are found, you may want to consider trenchless pipe lining technology in order to ensure that your water isn’t picking up contaminants from your potable water pipes.

Benefits of Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology offers a lot of benefits over traditional pipe replacement. The biggest benefit is that it prevents chemicals from leaching into your water supply from the metal water pipes in your building. The second biggest benefit is that it is minimally invasive. Pipe lining only involves entering the pipe from two small areas. Traditional pipe replacement involves cutting large holes in your walls, floors or ceiling in order to remove the pipes and completely replace them, which means that trenchless pipe lining is less expensive because it involves fewer man hours, fewer materials and less damage to your building’s finishes.

The Goals of World Trenchless Day

World Trenchless Day seeks to bring understanding and enlightenment to the process of trenchlessly restoring and rehabilitating all types of plumbing pipes from the water lines and drains inside buildings to the large sewers throughout the city. Pipe lining and repairing and replacing pipes trenchlessly is an environmentally friendly process. This is because it doesn’t involve creating large trenches and filling in those trenches once the work is complete. Because there is minimal damage to the surrounding environment, the ground recovers faster, and it is less disruptive to all the humans and wildlife in the area.

To learn more about trenchless technology and how it can help you provide your residents with constant, clean potable water, call us at 815-790-9000.