Do you manage a Chicago property that has copper pipes?

Copper Pipes: Health Issue?

Copper pipes were used frequently in construction starting in the early 1970’s. Unfortunately, many sources have since raised concerns about copper residue in drinking water. High free copper levels exist in Alzheimer’s disease and some believe these levels are linked to inorganic copper consumption. High copper levels can come from a variety of sources and those sources may include potable water pipes made of copper. If you are concerned about the health of your tenants or are finding yourself addressing increasingly frequent problems with your aging copper plumbing pipes, Nu Flow Midwest of Chicago has a solution.

Is there a solution?

Nu Flow Midwest offers a safe and innovative product that relines the interior walls of your copper pipes. Pipe relining copper plumbing pipes first involves an inspection of your building’s plumbing. If you have an aging building with constant issues, we would recommend our full pipe assessment program. With this program, we investigate your building’s pipe history, materials, and repairs. We not only conduct a visual inspection but will use miniature cameras to look inside of your copper pipes. We will then provide a complete written assessment of the health of your buildings plumbing. If problems are significant, we can plan a multi-year, prioritized program to reline your copper plumbing pipes. Once we reach an agreement on your plan, we take over ownership of your building’s pipes, addressing unscheduled fixes as needed. Once we are working in your building, you can have peace of mind that your pipes are being repaired while also being made safer. Our copper plumbing pipes have an installation guarantee for 10 years, and studies show pipe relining can last two to three times that.

How does the process happen?

In the pipe relining process, the interior of copper plumbing pipes are first “scrubbed” and thoroughly rinse with an abrasive substance. This scrubbing clears out clogs and can dramatically improve water flow from corrosive buildups. Once cleaned and thoroughly rinsed, hot air is introduced to dry the pipe’s interior. Then a safe, epoxy-based resin is introduced, filling in weak areas and leaks. You are left with a clean, smooth interior surface that could provide decades of additional service.

What about pipes buried in concrete?

If you are only experiencing problems in certain areas of your building’s pipes, we can address specific pipe runs. We can reline them without invasive destruction of drywall and ceilings that pipe replacement can involve. Pipe relining can be done in pipes anywhere in your building, even those buried in concrete. Our trenchless process is efficient and clean.

If you are concerned about your tenant’s health and the impact aging copper pipe can have on your building’s potable water, contact Nu Flow Midwest. We will be happy to discuss your Chicago area building and potential problems you may be facing. We will fully explain our process and how we work to minimize tenant inconvenience. Stop copper pipe corrosion problems in their tracks with pipe relining from Nu Flow.