According to the WSSC, copper piping is the most commonly used material for residential water supply lines. Copper piping first became available in the 1920’s but it took another 19 to 25 years before it became widely used. The popularity of copper is due to its relatively long lifespan. Homeowners and multi-unit property managers can expect their copper pipes to last at least 20 years. However, it is not uncommon for copper pipes to last as long as 30 years before they start developing copper pipes leak, a.k.a. “pinhole leaks” and corrosion.

Common Problems with Copper Pipes

The most common problem with copper pipes is the city water supply. Any time the alkalinity of the municipal water supply dips below 7pH, copper pipes start to corrode, causing pitting and eventually pinhole leaks.

Another source of wear and tear on copper pipes is high water pressure, which is considered anything above 60psi. Over time, the excessive water pressure can cause deterioration at the joints, seams, and values.

If the copper pipes in your building were soldered together at the joints and seams, they may be susceptible to flux induced corrosion. This is especially true if the plumber used too much flux and did not flush the pipes with hot water after installation. Flux corrosion is more common in the cold water lines than the hot water lines.

How to Tell if Your Copper Pipes Need Repairing

The number one way to tell if your pipes need to be repaired or replaced is to pay attention to when they were installed. Since copper pipes only last a maximum of 30 years, you would be well-advised to start thinking about replacing them when they reach 20 years of age.

You should also pay attention to the color of your water. Water that is yellow, brown or green indicates corrosion inside the pipes.

If your copper pipes leak, it’s time to have the system inspected and repaired. Since most copper piping systems are installed at the same time, leaks in one part of the system generally mean that the entire system is past its useful life.

Benefits of Fixing Copper Pipe Leaks with Nu Flow

Here at Nu Flow, we can restore the integrity of your copper water pipes for less than the cost of replacing your entire water supply system. Our copper pipe repair service can reduce the amount of copper that leaches into your potable water and extend the life of your existing pipes, and we can perform this service with very little disruption to you and your residents.

Our Pipe Lining Technology

Our epoxy pipe lining technology can seal pinhole leaks and restore the function of your copper pipes. We use a three-step process to prepare and coat your copper pipes. The first step involves thoroughly cleaning all of the corrosion from inside the pipes. This restores the pipe’s diameter and prepares the surface for coating.

The second step involves coating your pipes with our pressurized epoxy coating, which will seal the surface and prevent further corrosion. Then, our professionals will reassemble and evaluate your copper pipes.

To learn more about how we can fix your copper pipe leaks with epoxy pipe liners, give us a call at 800-834-9597.