When investing in a new property, probably the last thing on your mind is the life expectancy of the building’s hot and cold water pipes. You’re probably more concerned with structural integrity, charm and character of the interior, and the potential marketability of the building’s units. But the age and integrity of a building’s pipes can directly impact your bottom line. Chicago-based, DK Condo Management group discovered this first-hand with their managed property – 1250 N. LaSalle. Through ultrasonic testing they learned that the potable hot water pipes were at the end of their life and needed to be replaced. This replacement was going to cost upwards of $2.5 million and require the teardown of interior walls in order to access the deteriorated pipes.

DK Condo Management group along with the board of directors decided to explore Nu Flow’s blown in epoxy lining as an alternative solution to full pipe replacement. This method is more non-invasive, meaning less construction and disruption to the building’s tenants. Instead of opening up walls and removing old piping, water is drained from the plumbing system and corrosion buildup is removed by blowing heated air through the existing pipes. This is basically like power washing the interior of those corroded pipes with air.

When the pipes are clean, liquid epoxy is blown through the piping system. Once it cures, within 12-24 hours, the epoxy creates a durable finish that acts as a barrier between the water and the old pipes. This makes the pipes resistant to further corrosion.

After testing Nu Flow’s industry-leading, blown in epoxy lining on their property and finding that it was successful, this was then used to restore all pipes that were located in risers too costly and difficult to access for full replacement. By combining actual pipe replacement in some areas of the building with epoxy pipe lining in other, they were able to save over $1 million on the overall pipe restoration, as well as prevent invasive construction throughout their highly marketable property!