If you are a Chicago property manager, there could be a problem lurking below or near your building. It is an issue that is unseen and rarely a concern…until it manifests itself in an ugly and damaging way: a salt corroded garage drain pipe.

You see, in a cold weather city like Chicago, salt and chemicals are used to keep our roadways clear in the winter. In severe weather, they are used in mass quantities. This material doesn’t just magically disappear. It eventually makes its way into the ground, city sewers, and parking garage drains. This corrosive material ultimately takes its toll on drain pipes in building garages, including those associated with your building.

Old or New, No Exceptions

This is not just a problem associated with older buildings. We’ve seen salt corrosion affecting drain pipes in garages in buildings as little as ten years old. Salt corrosion may be eating away at your pipes right now. What is the best, most effective way to fix a salt corroded garage drain pipe?

There is a trenchless solution to repairing salt corrosion damaged pipe. It is an innovative epoxy based pipe relining process from NuFlow Midwest. Garage pipe restoration, from
NuFlow, is more affordable and much less invasive than garage drain pipe replacement. It is an effective way to handle drains that are being corroded by salt and road chemicals. It is available right here in the Windy City.

Keep Your Parking Garage Intact

Our pipe relining process starts with an inspection and determination of where leaks are an issue and where pipes may be compromised. The inside of the pipe is then prepared by cleaning with an abrading agent and dried cialis prodaja. Once the interior of the pipe is cleaned and dried, the epoxy lining is introduced using conditioned air. This epoxy lining covers the surface of the pipe’s interior, filling in leaks and strengthening weakened areas. The epoxy is then cured for several hours, creating a durable new pipe interior. Once cured, the drain is ready to be put back into service, more resistant than ever to the harmful effects of corrosive salt and ice melting chemicals.

Prevent Future Corrosion

Our pipe relining service is safe and long-lasting. The cured epoxy product is impervious to the corrosive action of acids, alkalies and petroleum. Ground demolition is unnecessary with in-place restoration, making the process much more cost-effective than traditional pipe replacement. All of our epoxy lining restoration work includes a full 10 year installation guarantee. NuFlow’s epoxy pipe restoration technology is an eco-friendly solution. It creates no waste for landfills and doesn’t generate carbon emissions during manufacturing.

Our process not only works for deteriorating garage pipes, pipe relining also works on potable water pipes as well. Water pipe relining can fix leaky pipes in buildings without tearing through walls and expensive pipe replacement. It can be accomplished with much less inconvenience to tenants. If you would like to know more about NuFlow’s trenchless pipe relining process, contact us today. We are NuFlow Midwest.

Reline. Repair. Renew.