If you are a manager of a Chicago building, especially if it is an older facility, you may be faced with a significant decision regarding your building’s plumbing. Piping after all, has a lifespan. Once it begins to reach the end of that lifespan, you may experience increasing failures, leading to higher and higher plumbing related maintenance costs. At some point, you will be forced to decide on a more permanent solution. Should you have your building’s piping replaced, or should you choose an epoxy lining solution? There are many reasons pipe relining is a better option, including the fact it is less invasive, it inconveniences tenants less, and it is a more “green” solution. But what building owners, managers and HOA’s really appreciate is that it is less expensive. Here’s how internal pipe coating saves money vs pipe replacement.

  • Pipe Coating Creates Much Less Debris – Because pipe relining is less invasive, it creates less mess. Flooring or carpeting doesn’t need to be torn up and drywall doesn’t have to be ripped out and hauled away. This not only is a cleaner process, but it saves time and cleaning and disposal expenses.
  • Restoration Costs are Minimized – Pipe replacement means walls, ceilings and flooring will likely have to be torn into. It may even may even mean jack-hammering concrete. All of this will need to be restored once pipes are replaced. This plastering, painting, and even potential concrete work is a significant cost of pipe replacement that is absolutely minimized with internal pipe coating.
  • Less Long-Term Maintenance – Replacement pipes will likely eventually deteriorate and clog over time. With pipe relining, your pipes are left with a smooth, coated interior with a ten year installation guarantee. The safe, epoxy coating has been demonstrated to last much longer. This coating won’t corrode and it better resistsclogging meaning less long term maintenance costs.

If your building is approaching the pipe repair/complete replacement/relining threshold, we encourage you to contact Nu Flow Midwest. We can arrangement a thorough pipe assessment. This assessment involves considering the materials used in your building’s plumbing, its age, repair history, and a visual inspection. It also includes the use of miniature cameras to look inside of your buildings pipes, providing an opportunity to inspect your pipes interiors. This will show us areas where pipes are corroding, clogging and can determine potential problems before they happen. We will prepare a written assessment, and if you prefer, we will lay out a prioritized, long-term plan to upgrade your building’s entire plumbing. Once we agree on a long-term plan, we take ownership of your building’s pipes newzpharmacy.com. This means if any plumbing issues arise while we execute your long-term plan, we will fix them. This provides immediate peace of mind for owners, HOA’s and Chicago building managers.

Getting started is as easy as filling out our online form through the button below or directly contacting Nu Flow Midwest. Discover how our internal pipe coating can save you significantly over pipe replacement.