Here at Nu Flow, we receive many questions from potential customers. One of those questions usually revolves around how we are better or different than our competitors, and if you’ve looked around while trying to choose a pipe-lining company, you know that some competitors include CuraFlo and DuraFlow, which each use their own pipe restoration process, products and techniques.


CuraFlo was established in 1996. They offer epoxy pipe lining restoration in the form of their CuraFlo lining systems and spincast systems. Their engineered flow lining system involves blowing a liquid epoxy through pipes that are less than 4 inches in diameter. The epoxy coats the entire inside of the pipe, including over valves and seams. It is very similar to the pipe restoration technique we use for small diameter pipes at Nu Flow.

CuraFlo’s spincast system is used to line large diameter pipes. This involves the use of a pipe liner that has been coated with epoxy resin. Once the host pipe and pipe liner have been prepared, the liner is pulled through the pipe, inflated and left to cure. Once cured, the liner is chlorinated and the entire pipe is flushed. This technique is similar to the process we use to restore large diameter pipes. The difference is that we use Nu Flow’s pipe restoration liners, and they use the CuraFlo system.

Ace DuraFlo

Ace DuraFlo was was also established during the 1990s. They use the ePIPE system of pipe restoration for small diameter pipes. Their epoxy system is similar to CuraFlo’s engineered flow lining system and our Nu Flow epoxy pipe lining system. The pipes are cleaned and dried, and the epoxy coating is blown through the pipes. The pipes are then allowed to cure before being returned to service. They do not use pipe liners to restore large diameter pipes.

Nu Flow

Nu Flow began operations in 2012, and our goals include relining, repairing and restoring your plumbing so that you can continue to provide your residents, compare pipes corroded and nu flow.jpgemployees and visitor with clean, safe water. Nu Flow Midwest is licensed and certified as Nu Flow pipe restoration experts, and our technologies and procedures come directly from Nu Flow Tech, which was established in 1998.

Our team of professionals includes David Wiley, our General Manager, Chris Bennett, our Executive Vice President and Dean Wheatley, our Engineer and Project Manager. Sean Doherty and Brian Bakotic are our lead plumbers, and Scott Lennon and Tom Jackson are our certified plumbers. We line all sizes and diameters of pipes, including sewer and potable water lines. We can line commercial, industrial and residential buildings, even highrises.

When you choose Nu Flow for your pipe restoration process, you can expect a safe and durable product that is personally guaranteed by us for 10 years. Our product is flexible and seamless, which means we can install it across bends, corners, seams and joints in order to stop current leaks and prevent future leaks.

Making the Best Decision with Help from Nu Flow

Here at Nu Flow, we want you to make the best decision for the plumbing pipes in your business or multi-unit residential building in Chicago. This means that our professionals will answer all of your questions, no matter how difficult or “forbidden”, and if that question happens to involve comparing and contrasting ourselves with our competitors, we will answer your question with integrity and honesty.

If our representative doesn’t know the answer, he or she will research the answer and get back to you. This is all part of our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and we aren’t just paying lip-service to that phrase. Our pipe lining experts aren’t happy until you are completely happy with the service and the product.

To get all of your Nu Flow pipe restoration questions answered and to schedule a whole building pipe assessment to see if epoxy pipe liners would help restore your building’s plumbing system, call us at 815-790-9000.