Being a property manager is not always easy, but you already know that. When major building renovations are needed, the best way to win friends is to play “make believe.” Pretend you are the tenant and do those things that would satisfy you. Schedule the work well in advance, be upfront and honest with your tenants, and then be available for some hand holding.

Acknowledge that routines and schedules will be disrupted, whether the work is for cosmetics like fresh paint and new carpet or messy, loud and stinky like roof replacement or parking lot resurfacing. When work is a response to plumbing problems or electrical irregularities, fully explain expected improvements.

How to Survive — and Thrive

  • Communicate well in advance and with total disclosure. Be as honest as possible about the scope of work and the schedule. If services like electricity or water (or even cable TV) will be turned off, overstate the inconvenience rather than estimating on the short side of an outage.
  • Give ample warning; then issue reminders if the work continues over a period of days, or when a job will be completed in phases. Update the schedule as necessary so there are no surprises for occupants or visitors.
  • Use Humor. Repair work is no joke. But if you are called upon to explain why the plumbing system needs to be cleaned and modernized, it’s better to talk about the possibility of leaky pipes causing a “flood of epic proportions” than to give a lecture on the technical issue of internal water line corrosion. Then explain how the “fix” will be applied, and that modern technology can assure reliable, guaranteed service for the future.
  • Take Personal Responsibility (but don’t be a patsy). Just as you probably had to justify the work and obtain the blessing of a building owner or management association, you are the “responsible party” in the eyes of your tenants, whether you manage a condo project or an office building. Maintain your professional “cool,” and invite tenants to contact you with their questions and concerns. You don’t have to give out your home number, however!
  • Let Them Vent! Be willing to put on your therapist hat occasionally. Listen to complaints and try to learn from them cialis generico prezzo.
  • Throw a party when it’s over: Nothing unites a group like a good time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s chocolates in the lobby, hors d’oeuvres by the pool, or a gift card for a latte; a simple gesture will win lasting support.

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