Chicago Area Epoxy Pipe Lining Solution

Restore leaking, corroded or eroded pipes without the costly expense & disruption of pipe replacement.

Chicago’s Pipe Lining Solution

Nu Flow Midwest is the Chicago area’s exclusive installer of Nu Flow’s epoxy pipe lining technology. Cured in place epoxy pipe lining is an effective procedure that restores leaking, corroded or eroded pipes without the costly expense and disruption of pipe replacement.The pipe restoration is accomplished through double-entry access points without the destruction to interior or exterior surfaces associated with pipe replacement.  Applicable for use in pipes consisting of metal, iron, steel, plastic, and fiberglass in diameters ranging from 1/2″  to 10″, with larger custom sizes available.

Safe & Durable

The pipe restoration process is safe and simple. It does not use toxic chemicals or mechanical devices and it utilizes a closed system safe for use inside buildings and their surroundings.

Cost Effective

Building and ground demolition is unnecessary with in-place restoration, making the process highly cost-effective over traditional pipe replacement.


All epoxy lining restoration work performed includes a full 10 year installation guarantee.

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