A lot of elements can contribute to a corroded drain pipe. Age is a significant factor as is the quality of the original pipe construction. Building drain pipe corrosion can come from materials like road salt and chemicals, corrosive drain pipe cleaning agents, and even corrosive soda pop. Yes, we said soda pop.

Bad for Your Teeth, Bad for Your Building Pipes

Perhaps your parents warned you of the corrosive effects of soda on the enamel of your teeth. You may have heard similar warnings from a dentist. Now plumbing contractors and facility managers are discovering just how corrosive these beverages can be, particularly in facilities where soda is used in quantity. These would include casinos, arenas, movie theaters, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, condominiums and stadiums. Effects of corrosive soda pop may be hard to imagine, until you see it face to face. That’s exactly what the Nu Flow Midwest team did at U.S. Cellular Field, the home of The Chicago White Sox.

With millions of visitors each season, a tremendous amount of corrosive soda pop from dispenser overflows, sinks, and through spills, ultimately makes its way into the stadiums drains. This amount of corrosive soda pop generally enters their draining system in huge quantities over the period of just a few hours. For the most part, the drain pipes remain coated with many of these corrosive agents until more are introduced at the next ballgame. This cycle continues game after game, season after season, and year after year until there are issues like those recently witnessed. Thankfully, there is a trenchless solution to drain pipe problems caused by corrosive soda pop problems. It is an epoxy-based pipe re-lining solution from Nu Flow Midwest.

The Corroded Pipe Restoration Solution

Our corroded drain pipe restoration solutions start with an inspection. Once affected pipes are determined, we introduce a scrubbing and cleaning agent to clear out loose corroded materials on the pipe’s inner walls. The pipe is dried through heated, pressurized air, and ultimately an epoxy coating material seals weak areas of the pipe and coats the entire interior of the drains. This epoxy resin coating relines the pipes, offering decades of new life. It is much less invasive and more affordable than drain pipe replacement.  Restored_Pipe_at_US_Cellular_Field.jpg

At Nu Flow Midwest, we are proud to have teamed with U.S. Cellular Field in addressing this interesting but real problem. It is proof, once again, that just because an issue is unseen, it does not diminish it.

Nu Flow Midwest works with Chicago property managers and Home Owners Associations in inspecting, and when necessary, offering cost-effective solutions to building pipe corrosion and issues. We invite you to learn more about this innovative process. Restore leaking, corroded or eroded pipes without the costly expense and disruption of pipe replacement. Contact Nu Flow Midwest. Reline. Repair. Renew.