While, at times, a property manager’s relationship with an HOA can be contentious, it is far better if the two work together for the common good of the community. How can you, as a Chicago property manager, become best friends with your HOA? Well, “best friends” may be an exaggeration, but here are ways to certainly improve your relationship.

  • Understand your role and the HOA’s role. Some problems can occur when there is not a clear understanding of the role each party plays in the relationship. The homeowners association is charged with operating the community under the community’s covenants and bylaws. It is generally the property manager who takes care of the day-to-day financial and business operations, including maintenance. It is up to the property manager to execute the board’s decisions.
  • Keep lines of communication open. Many issues between property managers and HOA’s, occur because communications break down. If you have concerns about a board decision, ask one of the board members. They will appreciate your concern and interest in getting things done properly. Get to know your board and stay in touch.
  • Stay on top of the financials. Whether you or the board are charged with keeping financials, make sure you review them, understand them and agree with them.
  • Be proactive with anticipating problems. If you want to become best friends with your HOA, make sure surprises are limited. This means staying on top of maintenance and potentially costly problems. Boards can deal with issues they can see coming and can anticipate. They are not receptive to major issues that “someone” should have seen coming. It is also helpful to be ready with solutions to expensive issues.

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