In a previous blog we discussed the corrosive nature of carbonated beverages in facilities where they are used extensively. We discussed a bit how Nu Flow was able to work with U.S. Cellular Field in resolving severely corroded pipes using our innovative pipe relining services. Our epoxy pipe-relining system cleans and re-coats a pipes interior, making it virtually impervious to the acids and chemicals in beverages and other liquids. This, potentially, adds decades to the life of some pipe. It seems the issue of corrosive beverages doesn’t stop with soda pop.

Carbonic Acid

If you are a Chicago facilities manager and your theater, arena, nightclub, stadium or other venue sells beer, it is also subject to the premature corrosive effects of this acidic beverage.

It turns out that slight bite you get when tasting a cold beer isn’t from the carbonation, but from carbonic acid. While breweries may be constructed to better withstand this acid, most entertainment facilities are built with the same plumbing material as residential buildings. They are built without regard to the acidic nature of the beverages, or cleaning chemicals for that matter, that may flow into drains. This acidic mix can sit in drain traps and along drain pipe walls for days or weeks between events, only to be replaced with a fresh acidic mix at the next event. What is happening is that many facilities are being surprised that their relatively new structures have plumbing that is being prematurely affected by the acidic beer that is making its way through drains from overflow, and simply being poured or washed down waste drains. What makes the issue even more significant is that in many of these structures, plumbing is encased in concrete. This can lead to inconvenient, costly, and time-consuming invasive pipe replacement. Or you can contact Nu Flow and learn more about our pipe-relining system.

The Trenchless Solution

Our trenchless pipe-lining system scrubs and dries the interior of weakened pipes. Once dried, an epoxy lining is introduced, coating the interior of these pipes, filling holes and supporting weaker areas. Our relined pipes have years, if not decades of new life. The Nu Flow pipe relining system is safe, less invasive than pipe replacement, and is a less costly alternative. We will be more than happy to demonstrate how it can work for you.

If you are a facilities manager in the Chicago area, you may not have given much thought to the corrosive effects of beer and carbonated beverages on your buildings drains, but the threat is real. If you would like us to help evaluate your situation, please contact us. Don’t assume because your facility is newer than it is immune. We’ve seen the problem in buildings that were only a few years old. Contact Nu Flow Midwest today and get the peace of mind you and your customers deserve.