Are you looking for a no dig solution to your building’s plumbing problems? Trenchless pipe restoration is often called the “no dig” solution when it comes to repairing and restoring plumbing pipes in large, multi-story residential buildings, stadiums, parking garages, colleges and various other public venues. It’s also cost effective and can be accomplished faster than traditional pipe replacement.

Common Pipe Hazards for Public Venues in Chicago

The plumbing systems in public venues, like stadiums, theaters and concert halls are often overrun with caustic drinks and liquids, including colas, alcoholic beverages and grease and oil. These items can cause pipe corrosion and clog drain lines, creating expensive problems.

  • Alcoholic BeveragesAlcoholic beverages, especially beer and carbonated alcoholic beverages, are hazardous to drain pipes. The carbon dioxide or CO2 inside beer and carbonated alcoholic beverages can turn into carbonic acid when mixed with water. Carbonic acid is scientifically denoted as H2CO3. For beer drinkers, it’s the H2CO3 that produces the distinct bite of the beer. For venues serving beer, that same H2CO3 can wreak havoc on metal drain pipes by etching away at the interior walls.
  • ColasColas are highly corrosive and can cause damage to drain pipes if excessive amounts of the liquids are poured down the drains. Venues, like stadiums, movie theaters, concert venues and food courts, that sell colas can expect their drain pipes to corrode faster than expected if steps aren’t taken to prevent the acidic drinks from coming into contact with the metal pipes.
  • Grease and Oil – Grease, oils and animal fats that tend to return to a solid or semi-solid state when cool, which can cause clogs and sewer line backups. As the oils move through the pipes, they solidify and stop moving. This provides an area where other food particles and debris can collect. For this reason, fats and oils should never be dumped down any drain line.
  • Household and Commercial Cleaning Products – Household and commercial cleaning products often contain corrosive ingredients that can harm your pipes, leading to pinhole leaks and leaks along joints and seams, and if any of the products leak outside of your drain pipes, they could contaminate the surrounding environment.
  • Paint – Paint can coat the inside of your drain lines and provide an area where other items can collect. For this reason, oil and water based paints should never be dumped down your drain, and you should avoid rinsing paint filled brushes in your sinks.
  • Road Salt and Ice Melt – Road salt and ice melt can wreak havoc on parking garage drain systems. This is because road salt is a corrosive agent, and as it passes through your drain pipes, it slowly eats the metal, causing pits and weak areas that may eventually form pinholes and leak.
  • Anything Listed as Corrosive, Caustic or Acidic – Always read the labels on any liquids you want to pour down your drain pipes. If the liquid is listed as corrosive, caustic or acidic, it should never be poured down your drains.

Protect Your Pipes with Trenchless Pipe Lining

Here at Nu Flow, we aren’t digging it when it comes to restoring your drain lines. Instead, we offer no_dig_trenchless_technology.jpgtrenchless pipe technology that will restore the integrity and function of your drain lines without the need for giant, landscape destroying trenches. The pipe liner will also prevent potentially corrosive liquids, like colas, beer and other carbonated beverages from coming into contact with your metal pipes. This helps prevent further corrosion and pipe deterioration so that your pipes last their entire expected useful lives.

To learn more about trenchless pipe lining and to schedule a pipe lining assessment, call us at 815-790-9000.