April showers may bring May flowers but the heavy showers in the spring can cause problems for Chicago area building managers. Our winters can cause all types of corrosive road chemicals and salt to find its way through building garage drains. In addition, mud and cinders can get packed up under wheel wells. This too will eventually make its way into garage and building drain pipes. Adding heavy April showers to these clogged and corroded drains is a recipe for water problems.

Damaged Plumbing Drain Pipes

Rainfall in a building drain pipe may not be a problem in itself, but the corrosive materials and clogs can. If this is a recurring issue with your building, it is possible your building drain pipes are clogged or corroded. Iron pipes used frequently in building drains do, after all, have a lifespan. It may be a decade’s long lifespan but its worth considering that a building constructed in 1991 is now already a quarter-century old. Of course, many of Chicago area buildings are significantly older than that.

An Alternative to Replacement

Garage and building drain pipes can be expensive to replace. This is particularly true if drain pipes are installed within the concrete walls and floors of a building’s garage. The good news is there is a less invasive alternative to taking care of a buildings corroded drain pipes. That alternative is pipe relining from Nu Flow Midwest.

Our pipe relining process has been proven safe and effective throughout the world. It has been used in government buildings, resorts, healthcare facilities, schools and condominiums. It is safe for potable water pipes as well as drains. It takes less time and creates less construction debris than the pipe or drain replacement. This makes it an environmentally friendlier approach than replacement.

Here’s How It Works

Nu Flow first scrubs the interior of your drain pipes using an abrasive material. This clears corrosion and reopens pipes, restoring an open flow. We will even help arrange jetting of drains when necessary. Once cleaned, a safe epoxy lining is introduced. This lining coats and strengthens the interior of drains. It fills any gaps and leaks. Your drains are left with a relined, smooth surface with a 10 year installation guarantee. Tests show, however, that the relined surface is engineered to last much longer. It does it using a trenchless process that avoids digging up or jack hammering drain pipes from concrete kamagra oral jelly rezeptfrei kaufen.

Contact Nu Flow to Learn More

Don’t let heavy spring rains cause you problems. Contact Nu Flow today to learn more about our innovative pipe relining services for drain pipes and even potable water pipes in your building. Ask about obtaining a full pipe assessment that can set in motion a long-term plan for the complete relining of older structures. We look forward to assisting you.