A Chicago property manager has a lot to deal with. Unfortunately, most of it is negative. There are vacancies, vandalism, tenants who are behind on their rent, and of course, the seemingly never-ending maintenance issues. Near the top of the list for any property manager are water pipe leaks and failures. Chicago winters can be brutal on pipes, but pipes don’t just give out in the winter. It is a year-long issue.

Building Pipe Problems

Building pipe problems stem from a variety of sources. It can be the result of freezing temperatures but pipe failures can be traced to a number of other sources. Perhaps the pipes weren’t properly installed in the first place. Maybe sub-standard piping was used. There’s the possibility water capacities were underestimated. Perhaps a tenant made an unauthorized change in their plumbing. One of the main reasons for failure, however, is simply age. The inevitable march of time is working against your building’s pipes and it is not a matter of IF, but when you experience a potentially catastrophic failure.

The Problems Pipe Issues Can Cause You as Building Manager

As a property manager, you understand that pipe leaks are critical to correct quickly. Leaks can cause damage far beyond their location. Damage from leaking pipes can be expensive and that is why they cause so much concern for property managers. There is no waiting for tomorrow when a water pipe failure occurs in a building. The good news is there is an innovative, affordable solution to your building’s pipe problems um diese website blättern. The answer is in pipe lining systems.

The NuFlow Pipe Lining System Solution

NuFlow Midwest is the Chicago areas exclusive supplier of Nu Flow’s epoxy pipe lining technology. This innovative technology restores leaking, corroded or eroded pipes without the costly expense and disruption of pipe replacement. It works with two methods, either Pull in Place Pipe (PIPP) or Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP).

The goal is to target leaking pipes, and clean and repair them from the inside. Our NuFlow system will shut down the area of the area of your building’s piping that is creating a problem, minimizing inconvenience to those unaffected. The pipes will be drained and air dried with heated air. An abrasive material is forced through the pipes, effectively cleaning the insides of the pipes. The cleaned pipe is re-heated to create an optimal internal pipe surface environment in preparation of epoxy coating. An air pressure leak test is again performed prior to coating. Conditioned air is then introduced into the pipe to uniformly distribute the epoxy lining throughout the pipes. Following the coating application, continuous controlled air is sent through the piping to facilitate epoxy curing.

After the lining is cured, all removed valves and fittings are returned to their original locations. A final leak test and inspection are performed. Water quality, volume, and flow are tested and the problem is resolved.

Not all pipe lining systems are the same. If you are a Chicago property manager don’t take chances with the pipes in your building. Contact NuFlow Midwest today and see how we can save you tens of thousands of dollars on expensive pipe repairs and replacements.