If you are a facilities manager of a Chicago stadium, arena, theater, large nightclub or other public venue, you probably don’t get a lot of recognition when things are going smoothly. If things go south, however, they can get bad quickly. Customers who have planned for weeks and spent a significant amount of money on admissions and associated expenses aren’t going to take very kindly to facility problems, especially those that may involve stadium plumbing pipe problems. The sad fact is that it happens more often than one may think.

Aging Stadiums

The Oakland Coliseum has had legendary plumbing problems. Toilet backups and even backups in the dressing room showers have been the source of aggravation for everyone involved. The Oakland Coliseum, however, was built in 1966 and is an older facility. Plumbing is far from the only issue with that facility. Another older stadium, San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium is in need of totally new plumbing. That is a project that comes with an over $12 million price tag.

Newer Stadiums Aren’t Immune

Down in Indianapolis, they have had to spend millions of dollars making repairs to plumbing in the less than ten year old Lucas Oil Stadium. In fact, just a few years after it’s opening, corrosion of pipes supplying water to restrooms, sinks and water fountains forced their replacement in 2011.

Corrosive Dangers to Plumbing Pipes

Many problems in these facilities can be traced back to poor construction, materials or other signs of cutting corners. Others are due to age. Still other issues are being caused by unnoticed and underestimated corrosive dangers. Dangers like the corrosive effects of snow melting chemicals and salt that gets flushed into drain pipes. Then there are the corrosive aspects of thousands of gallons of beer and carbonated beverages that get poured or flushed into a venue’s drains where they may sit for days or weeks.

Pipe Assessment

But how can stadium and facility managers become aware of a problem they can’t see? At NuFlow Midwest, we have the solution. It is our Pipe Assessment Process.

Our Pipe Assessment is a thorough and professional assessment of your facility’s plumbing and drains. We take a close look at your building’s pipes, their age, the material used and previous repairs made. We make a visual inspection of pipe runs and use hi-tech, miniature cameras to take at look at your pipe’s interiors, searching for weak spots, leaks and where corrosion may be choking off the flow of water. Finally, you will be given a detailed, written report on the current condition of your plumbing, including areas of immediate concern, and those that may be less critical. We will recommend NuFlow’s less invasive pipe relining process where practical, pipe replacement when necessary, and even help compile a multi-year plan to address any issues based on priority.

The NuFlow Pipe Assessment can not only provide peace of mind, it can provide a road map to resolve any mounting plumbing issues your facility may be facing.

Getting started is easy. Simply fill out our online Assessment Request form. We will be in touch to discuss the specifics of your assessment. Be proactive in solving plumbing issues before they manifest themselves.