If you are a Chicago property manager, you manage a large, multi-unit building and plumbing can be one of your biggest challenges. This is especially true if you a managing an older building. When you start experiencing problems, with an aging plumbing system, the problems seem to snowball. It may be time to make a big move.

All Pipes are Subject to Issues

Water pipes may be galvanized or copper. They may have a variety of joints connectors that weaken with movement or age. Drain pipes may be iron and can also deteriorate. Each will have its share of problems as they get older.

Galvanized piping, for example, will ultimately rust from the inside. This not only weakens the piping, but adds debris, ultimately affecting water flow. This can add pressure to already weak areas. Copper piping can develop small, imperceptible pinhole leaks. While it may not show up in water usage, it can show up in mold or wood damage.

This doesn’t even include the problems that aging pipes can experience from poor installations and repairs made in the past. All pipes, especially aging pipes, will have problems. The challenge is knowing when it is time to move from repair to replacement or relining.

When You Should Make a Move

  • Track the rate of plumbing repairs apoteksv.se. You should be able to document they are increasing.
  • Are repairs being made in a particular area? You may have to find a better way to address the problems of a particular run.
  • Are plumbing issues causing other expenses and inconveniences. This can magnify the importance of addressing the issue permanently.
  • How old is the plumbing? Even building pipes have a shelf-life. If it is approaching 30 years, things will get worse before they get better. Big decisions will have to be made.

Your choice may be between expensive complete plumbing replacement that can be inconvenient, or a more affordable option that is less invasive.

A More Affordable Option

Nu Flow Midwest offers epoxy-based, pipe lining processes that can give even old pipes new life. There are two basic forms of this trenchless technology process that includes a cured in place process (CIPP) and a pull in place process (PIPP). Both are more affordable and less invasive than complete pipe replacement. In fact, savings can be significant. When you are ready to learn more about a pipe relining system that property managers love, contact Nu Flow Midwest. Reline, repair and renew with Nu Flow Midwest.