Many don’t fully understand or appreciate the complexities of their plumbing and even fewer understand the full ramifications of a broken water pipe in a wall. Broken water pipes can be insidious little leaks that go undetected for months. They can also be full blown failures with immediate damage.

The Problem

It’s really pretty simple. The vast percentage of your building’s plumbing is out of sight. That makes it far different than other type of building maintenance or repair issues. If your HVAC system fails you’ll notice it. If there’s an electrical issue the lights may flickers or go out. Unless a broken water pipe leak is significant, it could be doing layers of damage behind the scenes long before it is even detected. That is trouble.

The Good News

There is a little good news in this. Eventually, all water leaks will make themselves known. It may be with a water spot on a ceiling tile. It could be through a bubble under the wall paint or wall paper. It may be through water around the building foundation or in the basement area. If it is significant, it very well could show up in higher water usage and bills. The question is, what type of damage is being caused?

Problems Caused by a Big Leak

A broken water pipe that is under pressure can cause immediate and significant problems. Large breaks can affect neighboring units and even apartments below where the break has taken place. If caught quickly enough, a big break can cause less damage than a small one. The location of a large break can usually be quickly identified and isolated. You’ll also have a very good idea as to the damage caused.

Those Nasty, Small, Undetected Leaks

There are several reasons small leaks can cause more damage than big ones. If they are isolated enough, they may not be detected for months or longer. Your building could have multiple small leaks right now and there could be few signs of them. Leaks can be deep in the walls, damaging wooden beams, and sub-flooring. It will slowly find its lowest point, and if that is in an isolated area, look out. Even a small pinhole leak can spray enough moisture to start mold growing in dark, unseen areas. That’s a whole new issue to address.

The Layers of Damage

The point is that any water leak is likely to cause layers of damage. Damage to ceiling tiles, drywall, flooring, and carpeting are just the start. It can create long-term wood rot, mold, odors and even attract pests. Leaks can cause damage to personal property, common areas, a buildings foundation, and even cause electrical issues. It is why keeping your¬†Chicago area building’s plumbing inspected and upgraded is so critical.

Nu Flow Midwest

Nu Flow Midwest provides an innovative, epoxy pipe relining product that essentially, scrubs and re-coats the interior walls of your building’s pipes cialis prodaja. This new, smooth interior surface seals leaks and potential leaks, adding decades of life to a building’s plumbing system. We have completed pipe relining in entire buildings¬†and in large pipe runs where problems occur frequently. Pipe relining is less invasive and therefore less expensive than pipe replacement. If you are experiencing more frequent plumbing repairs, it may be time to find a more permanent resolution. Contact Nu Flow Midwest today.