If you are currently undergoing or considering a significant Chicago building renovation, there are plumbing factors to keep in mind. Building renovations can lead to opportunities and challenges whether you are altering plumbing pipes or not. Here are six plumbing factors to keep in mind for your Chicago building renovation.

1. Outdated Building Plans

Many contractors who undertake renovations in Chicago discover what they see on paper is not necessarily what they discover behind the walls. There can be a lot of reasons for this. It is possible there has been a previous remodel. Perhaps the original plans were changed while under construction and alterations weren’t noted. Whatever the reason, inaccurate plans can cause an increase in expense and delays. This is more common in larger renovation projects. Keep this in mind when undergoing a renovation of any size.

2. Having the Right Permits and Passing Code Inspection

Significant renovations will likely mean the new work will have to comply with more modern building and construction codes. This can be true in a variety of building system renovations including electrical, plumbing, and construction. Improvements may put you in a position to qualify for ADA compliance. These are sometimes extensive and expensive.

3. Non-Plumbing Renovations can Have Plumbing Consequences

Even if your renovation doesn’t directly involve plumbing it can have consequences. Saws, nail guns and other tools can damage piping. In old buildings with plumbing that is already near the end of its life, the mere movement associated with renovations can cause damage. The older your building is, the more fragile its core systems are. That is why now is such a good opportunity to consider other improvements.

4. Hazardous Building Materials

Digging into walls, floors and ceilings, especially in buildings constructed prior to 1970, can lead to a myriad of hazardous materials. These materials should be carefully tested and if necessary, professionally removed or remediated. Be cautious with handling even test samples.

5. It May Provide Rare Access for a Plumbing Inspection

If walls are being opened for non-plumbing related projects, it can offer the opportunity to better access a large segment or segments of plumbing for close inspection. Building owners should take advantage of this opportunity under renovations to take a good look at pipes, drains and other plumbing fixtures.

6. It Could Provide Relining Opportunities

If a renovation is taking place on an isolated floor or area, it may be a terrific opportunity to upgrade the plumbing in that section with pipe relining from Nu Flow Midwest. Pipe relining can add decades of life to pipe runs, and it is rarely easier or makes more sense than in conjunction with other renovations.

Nu Flow’s pipe relining system clears out old pipes, by scrubbing away clogs. Once flushed and dried, a safe, long-lasting epoxy lining is introduced, providing a smooth interior surface that strengthens the pipes, supporting weak areas and filling in small leaks. Once cured, the pipes are ready to be back in service, likely far before the rest of your renovation project.

If you have concerns about the health of your plumbing pipes in your Chicago area building, contact Nu Flow today to learn more!