If you are a Chicago property manager, odds are, you’ve had multiple interactions with plumbing contractors. You may have also developed your own opinion about the profession. To be fair, here are five general misperceptions.

1. Your Chicago Plumbing Contractor is Messy

The reality is your plumber deals with messy work. They are sometimes involved with filthy water and rusty pipes. They may have to work through damp or decaying drywall and wood. There may even be mold. Their tools and clothes are impossible to keep clean. This may create the impression that your plumbing contractor is messy. Odds are, he is pretty well organized.

2. Your Chicago Plumbing Contractor Charges Too Much

When you consider the fact that your plumbing contractor comes to you, you begin to recognize some of the value they provide. When you further consider that they haul the tools and equipment they need along with them, it further demonstrates that value. Many times, there is more than one contractor involved. There may also be parts like pipes, connectors, or other hardware included. There may be soldering involved espanolfarm.com/. If the contractor has been called out in an emergency, well…you see where we’re going.

3. Your Chicago Plumbing Contractor Just Knows About Plumbing

Odds are, your plumber knows a lot more than just plumbing. If they have been in business for any length of time, they know about construction, electrical and HVAC systems. They have learned to become detectives and how to best solve problems with a minimum of inconvenience.

4. Your Chicago Plumbing Contractor is not a Professional

No, your plumbing contractor doesn’t where a suit jacket or a tie. He may even wear overalls. That doesn’t mean he is not a professional. Plumbing contractors make significant investments in their tools and vehicles. They have probably spent years learning their trade. Plumbing, especially in large buildings, are extensive networks of incoming pipes and outgoing drains. Even the smallest of errors can lead to costly damage. This is, in part, why good plumbing contractors are so valued.

5.Your Chicago Plumbing Contractor Is Out to Rip You Off

It is far more likely your plumbing contractor wants to do his best to keep you as a client. It is much more difficult for a plumber to enter new situations constantly, rather than building his return business and getting referrals.

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