In many older residential buildings there’s a risk of lead leaching into drinking water from aging pipes. That’s something to concern every Chicago Property Manager. With wholesale pipe replacement being prohibitively expensive, the options for dealing with contaminated water are limited. The answer is to consider “trenchless technology.” If you’re a Chicago Property Manager here are 12 things you need to know about it.

  1. Trenchless technology is a patented method of pipe restoration that involves giving existing pipes an epoxy lining. It’s approved for use in Chicago and saves having to dig up or rip out existing pipes.
  2. It’s safe. The lining passes the requirements of the IAPMO standards which covers innovative new plumbing materials and ICC ES PMG code official standards. That means water passing through newly-lined pipes meets safe drinking water standards.
  3. It’s not just for buried pipes! The term “trenchless” implies it avoids the need for digging up old pipes, and while that’s true, its application is far wider. Trenchless technology can be used on any pipes from 1/2” diameter up to 10”, in any location. Nu Flow can even line around multiple bends, so basements, garages, walls and ceilings can all be treated with this process.
  4. Guaranteed for ten years, and testing indicates lifetimes of more than 35 years are readily attainable.
  5. It’s flexible. The trenchless process can be used on virtually all types of pipe, from copper and galvanized even to plastic piping.
  6. It’s robust. By covering over joints in older piping systems, it improves integrity, helping protect against leaks for years to come.
  7. Flow is actually improved and back pressure reduced. Freeing pipes from corrosion and clogs and providing a smoother surface helps water flow better. That can eliminate complaints about insufficient volume and reduces energy consumed by pumps.
  8. There’s less mess. While piping must be accessed there’s no need to tear it out. That means walls, ceilings and floors can remain largely undisturbed, so there’s virtually no drywalling or painting needed.
  9. No need to rip up and replace landscaping. With trenchless technology trees and shrubs can be left in place, which helps avoids complaints from neighbors, and the expense of new landscaping avoided.
  10. It’s fast. Pipe restoration is much quicker than replacement, and that means less inconvenience for tenants, and potentially less loss of income too while units go unoccupied.
  11. Highly cost-effective. There’s no digging or demolition and minimal making-good. That keeps tenants and neighbors happy and ensures cash-flow is maintained cialis prodaja. Best of all, it costs far less than wholesale replacement.
  12. It’s green. Avoiding replacement saves on work, which saves on energy. Plus, there’s no new piping to buy and install.

Old pipes cause a multitude of problems, lead contamination being just one. Nu Flow’s patented pipe restoration process puts a durable, hygienic lining on the inside of existing pipes, extending their life for decades. That has to be good news for every Chicago Property Manager!