Recently, NuFlow Midwest had the opportunity to work with DK Condo Property Management and their newly acquired property 1250 N. LaSalle. Here is their pipe restoration story.

Challenges at 1250 N. LaSalle

DK Condo Property Management group was eager to get their newest project, 1250 N. LaSalle move-in ready. An ultrasonic testing of potable pipes within the building revealed that whereas cold water pipes had plenty of life left in them, hot water pipes had 0 years of life left in them. They were recommended to do a full pipe replacement.  Invasive construction of the building would need to begin – contractors would need to rip into the walls to replace all pipes. Estimated cost would be 2.5 million. This option would be both costly and timely.


Nu Flow Midwest was contacted.  Working with Althoff Industries and Faithful & Gould Engineering a test plan was set in motion. Nu Flow would line a single riser and Althoff would replace a riser (showing due diligence) to “test” the results.  Both projects were completed successfully (both the city and state inspectors signed off on them).


DK Condo Management made the decision to rehabilitate the remaining risers at 1250 N. LaSalle using Nu Flow, Althoff and Faithful & Gould. Risers that were easily accessible were replaced and risers that would cause the most damage, in the long run, were lined. The result: All pipes were restored, not to be worried about for decades to come.  Increased water flow is now available for all residents. Savings of over $1 million using innovative pipe restoration instead of pipe replacement.